Hello all!

I love traveling, and I love discovering new things about cities here in United States and abroad. The #1 thing I cannot stop talking and drooling about though is FOOD!!! So I decided to start my blog of fun with a food related article =)

I discovered SF Underground Market when I was bored and yelping for events to go to. Underground Market says they have a lot of home-made, gourmet food stands in the market. My eyes starting sparkling when I read that the market has a morning and night market!! I have heard about night markets in Asia, but never here!! So I decided to give it a try….first at the morning market so I can get some idea how the market is like.

If you Google SF Underground market, you will find their website with updates like next market’s date and location.Underground market happens once a month, and not always on the same weekends I believe. You have to join their free membership in order to get in. I made sure I joined the membership and got a map of the location.

So I force myself to wake up at 10am in the morning, hop on the mMuni (the public transportation in SF), and though I had a map, I was not able to find the location for couple minutes. I mean there was no big sign, nothing that sticks out to me like a market around the area…until I saw a line of people in front of a building and decides to line up behind them. I mean, what can go wrong….right? XD

When I walked in, the first thing I saw is this huge bar on the first floor. This market is only for 21+, so no children allowed. I did see a couple parents tried to sneak their children in, nope, there are securities everywhere, so no way you can do that.

I did take a lot of photos of the food stands here, but there are other people’s faces clearly shown in those photos, so I will refrain from posting them.

They have a lot of vendors in an building. Everything is handmade by the vendors, nothing industrial. There are a lot of people that have long conversations with the vendorss there, which is nice because you get to learn how they made their products, and why they did it .
I was starving, so I was super excited when I see hot food cooking in pans, bread in baskets, desserts on the tables. I had a real hard time picking what to eat first because I wish I can just buy everything at once and eat it all in one sitting. (Nope there is no table nor chair inside the building, so you have to walk around with food in hand, unless you go outside to the benches)

Well, after drooling for 20min, I decided to eat this first, caramel apple pie? The texture of the bread skin was perfect, crunchy on the outside, soft in the inside. The apple caramel part was awesome, not too extremely sweet, very refreshing. It was a tiny pie though, and it did not fill me up.
Then this caught my eyes. Remember when you are making the cake at home, you always lick the cake batter off the spatula? Now you can have a taste of that without the hassle of actually making a cake XDD It is in lollipop form and you can just eat it anywhere O.O CakePop is an awesome concept ^^

Finally, I also got a crepe. I saw the crepe stand, and the chef was speaking French. I thought “I must try!!! Crepe with French flavor!!!” I ordered lemon butter crepe…..omg, I also pass out and went to heaven. you know sometimes when you order crepe, and the skin is too crunchy, the lemon is too sour or sweet with the plastic kind of taste, and the butter is just so oily? Not here, this was the best lemon butter crepe I had by far!!! Everything was perfect! The lemon juice was freshly squeezed and added onto the crepe right in front of you, the crepe skin was soft, and as the butter is mixed in, you can taste a well balanced, refreshing crepe in your mouth.

There were also many other food stands that were very interesting, but my cash was running low and things are sold out really fast. Like this bacon caramel corn, by the time I was thinking about trying it, they were completely out of stock. Other stands like sausages, home-made canned vegetables/fruits, and BBQ sauces were also selling out fast. So better go early and make your decisions fast!

Before I left the market, I also took a photo of a corner in the building, near the exit. There are many artworks on the wall, a very interesting place.
So that was my first experience with SF Underground Market. I would advise people to prepare cash in hand ($20-40 dollars), and bring friends with you so you can buy more and share the food together. Some people might think the price might be a bit high, but that is because all the food here are handmade, and when they sell out, there is just no more left.
Overall I would say:
Atmosphere: 4 (out of 5) – very charming but not enough seating
Price: 3.5 (out of 5) – can be a bit pricy for the portions
Food: 5 (out of 5) – sooo good
I cannot wait to experience the night market portion soon!!