*For events that has a lot of people, I do my best using my almost laughable Photoshop skills to blur or black everyone else out  =)

North Beach Festival has a history for more than 50 years now. The festival happens once a year in June at the North Beach district in San Francisco, also know as “Littly Italy” here. The festival has more than 100 booths of art&crafts, gourmet food, and activities such as street painting and music shows.(Yep the festival just happened…I went on 6/18 =)

The festival starts at 10am. I tried to wake up early so I can skip the long lines for food…..I tried and I still woke up at 12pm o.O (what happened to the alarm I set up the previous night?) I choose to take Muni to the festival again since I heard the parking price is notoriously high downtown (like $25-$35 dollars an hour).

When I saw many romantic cafes with outside seating, I knew I was in the right area. I walked further down the street…..and then my jaws dropped when I saw tons of people on the streets.

North Beach Festival has more than just regular festival food, they have stuff like Turkey legs, New Orleans cuisines…that I have not seen in other festivals around the area. The aroma of all the food and all the lines at the food stands were forcing me to make my decisions fast.

I wanted BBQ at first!! Just look at the person cooking the meat and the smell…..gaaahhh. But then I saw other things like organic beef hotdog, garlic fries, funnel cakes D: I chewed all of them down…by myself!!!

Only after the fact…I realized I ate a little too much and it was a little hard to walk XD

Enough with food…I walked around a bit more to look at crafts, artists, and scenery.

First I saw a balloon guy. He was really friendly and kept handing out balloons.

He even posed for me when I took a photo of him ^_^

The artists drawing on the ground literally sit there for hours, many people also stood around them and kept watching them/or take photos of them. I am not sure if I can stand people watching me if I was the artist. XD

There were quite a few street Musicians also. I found this cute guy and thought the scene was pretty romantic. (I was not the only one who kept taking photos either ^^)

North Beach by itself though is a very beautiful place with lots of photo opportunities. I could not stop taking photos. My memory card filled up fast. I had to stop, stood on the side of the road, and figure out which old photos I am going to delete XD

Overall I think:

Atmosphere: 4 (out of 5) North Beach is a romantic place, the festival was interesting, but not sure how original it is : /

Food: 4 (out of 5) Some of their gourmet food is really really good. Some regular festival food are just…regular-ish I guess? Some restaurants there have special take out stuff for the festival day too.

Price: 4 (out of 5) To be honest, it was not an expensive festival to eat and shop at all. Many vendors had discounts, and most of the food are worth the price for the portions and the taste ($3-$8ish).

Would not mind coming back again ^_^