( This guy said he waxed to show his love for Pride Parade O.O Gasp)

June 26th, a big day in many ways: for me its my birthday, for San Francisco it is the 41st Annual Pride Parade Day.

Pride Parade was inspired by an incident in 1969 when the a police raid caused LGBT at New York City’s Greenwich Village to start a rebellion. Over the years, San Francisco Pride Parade turns out to have the largest crowd and parade event in the world. Pride parade is meant to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer’s history and freedom for people who wants to express their sexuality. (For more information please visit:  http://sfpride.org/ )

I came to the pride parade being all excited and really wants to enjoy the mood. There were a lot of people who dressed up (or did not wear anything at all x_X). However, I think the parade had a lot of up and downs this year.

First, the city was thinking about banning alcohol from the parade/festival. Are you kidding me? Out of all other festivals around the country that are selling alcohol, you want to ban alcohol in one of the largest parade here when people really are in celebration mode??? Good thing that never actually happened ~ Phew ~

2nd of all, A+ to people who dressed up and decorated their float. I really appreciate people/and politicians who are involved and are supporting the event. Here are some A+ examples:

However, some politicians and companies had their “armies” marching in the parade but did not bother to decorate a float or dress up at all. You just see a sea of people in T-shirts walking through. One or two groups would have been okay, but 1/3 of the parade were just armies marching through in plain shirts. It is nice that you want to support a cause, but “When in Rome, do what Romans do”!! Do not be shy and get in the festive mode!! Trust me, people will love you more if you are willing to get down and party with the crowd (wink)

Walking away from the parade, I start heading to the Muni station to get to my next stop: Civic Center! Where the Pride Street Festival was held.On the way to the station, I saw massive nakedness O.O This is definitely not an PG event at all !!

(Yes, some girls were “free-bound” on top O.O I even saw a guy fully naked walking around.)

After squeezing through the crowd in the train and almost got trampled, I arrived at Civic Center. There were tons of booths set up on the streets and people just partying out there. The crowd was high and I loved it!

At the Pride Festival – Civic Center location, they were selling food, pride parade related items, party stuff, and interesting items….both sexual and none sexual. There were also tons of company booths that had free games and freebies.

Overall I think:

Parade Portion Atmosphere: 3.5 (Out of 5) Some floats were really good, then some groups just …meh. Pain color T-Shirts in the parade is a No-No!! Grrrr. The audience really tried hard to cheer and to be excited +_+

Festival Portion Atmosphere: 4 (Out of 5) Crowd was awesome!! There were also many interesting booths and activities. Must go see!

Food: 3.5 (Out of 5) Then again, this parade/festival is not about food, so don’t expect much. Alcohol is great though! They had many booths and variety available.

Price: 5 (Out of 5) This event is free admission. They do ask for $5 dollar donation at the festival part. If you donate, you get a sticker that gives you half off to all the drinks in the festival.

I will give the parade 1 more try next year, and hopefully some groups in the parade will improve and actually get in the spirit of celebration. (More floats please~~) Otherwise, I really enjoyed the crowd and the festival portion!!