My cousin happens to be visiting USA for the first time in her life. Of course I was not going to miss the chance to show her local events in San Francisco. Born in a family that never gets tired of discovering new ideas for crafts, I chose Renegade Craft Fair as one of the event in San Francisco I will show her.

How Did It All Happen?

When the founder and her friends had trouble finding venues and events to showcase new talents coming into the art and craft business, they decided to take action upon themselves and create a craft fair. According to Sarah Spies, Staff of Renegade Gang, they “look for an eclectic array of young and emergent designers producing original, handmade goods. There is a lot of room for variety in there, but that’s the general guideline.”

The craft fair soon received rave reviews from both the designers and the public. They have several hundreds of application each year from all over United States and even countries abroad. The Renegade Craft Fair now happens in 10 cities, nine in the United States, and one overseas in Great Britain. Instead of feeling stressed, the staff of Renegade Gang felt even more addicted to their work. “there’s something so exciting about helping people realize their dreams. There is still no substitute for face-to-face interactions with customers, and it’s awesome to be able to provide that for our artists…and knowing that we’ve made that happen makes it all worth it” said Sarah Spies.

My Day at Fair

This time San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair is held in Fort Mason. Once I stepped into the pavilion, I was so excited and started looking left and right not sure where to start. There are many designers that has been known online, but here are the ones I found interesting!

The first table I approached was BT Livermore. BT Livermore loved drawing and making people laugh, and decided to make it into a career and hope to spread laughter to others. As I was chatting with him, a lady standing by me was flipping through his books and started laughing, that is definitely a good sign that this guy has the magic. (

I jumped when I saw cactus! They are so adorable!! Shannon, the designer, with blushed cheeks, mentioned that she started knitting cactus plants because she is bad at taking care of the plants, thus the idea of knitting one was born. (

Guess what this is for? Apparently when the designer was making dolls, every time when she finishes making the dolls’ legs and set it aside, within 5 minutes she turns around, her cats would start playing it. A light bulb lights up in her head. She made a couple more legs and gave it to her friends’ cats, and it was a hit! (

This lantern is an example when tradition combines with modern art. Killer Banshee Studios use the foundation of Japanese paper lantern, and the theme of mechanical robots to create a new generation of crafts that screams unique. During the craft fair, one of the studio owners was also making the paper lanterns onsite so people can see the production process. (

I stopped in front of the stack of wooden boxes, and was thinking how they would fit into my closet. The designer saw my confused face, and introduced me that the cabinets are actually for camping. Remember when you go camping, you pack everything into containers; only have to unpack everything out again when arriving at the location? No more madness over trying to find things when unpacking anymore. You can pack canned food, pots and pans into these cabinets, and when you arrive, just open the cabinet door, and start cooking! This is very new to me since I have never seen this when I went camping with school and friends before. He also showed me photos of custom made cabinets, like you can select color, wood, size…etc. (

Recycle has been the hot topic for the last couple of years, but this guy and his art partner, Vinit and Vicente, took recycling to the next level. Realizing when you paint something completely white, it gives you freedom again to create art on it, he pick up junks, then paint it white, and start drawing on it. (

The craft fair was an amazing experience. I not only get to see interesting crafts, but talking to the designers and artists about their ideas and experience. Every single piece of art craft has its own story, and when you learn about it, it just makes the craft pieces more special. For more information on Renegade Craft Fair, please visit their website (