Coastal city like San Francisco is great. You get entertainment and the busy hustling life when you want to participate, you also have great ocean view and nature surrounding the city when you take a step away from the streets.

I have been showing my cousin around the city for the past couple of days. After days of shopping, eating, looking at buildings (My God I remember her first day here, we had a 5 hour straight shopping day, and eating cupcakes for breakfast, soooo bad…..), I decided we need to change the scenery a bit and go somewhere that most tour buses do not have have access to.

Lands End Trail is near the famous Cliff House/Ocean Beach and offers 30-mile stretch view of the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge (specifically when the sun decides to shine). Actually, the trail entrance is above the Cliff House at El Camino del Mar & 32nd Ave parking lot. The trails are pretty easy at first, because you start with mostly down hills, but when you finish enjoying the views….the hard work begins. Returning back to the entrance is all uphills with lots of stairs. My cousin just looked at all the stairs uphill and lets out a big sigh ~ haha.First we arrived at a place that is halfway on the hill side. There is a maze here made by rocks. It offers a great ocean view, but also very dangerous because there are no protection bars around the cliffs.

Then when we reach the bottom, there’s a beach with a lot of rocks nearby. I have to say though, I found some interesting “trash” on the beach….like that Chinese take out box, an abandoned battery or motor…it was kind of amusing but not cool for the environment.

Seeing Golden Gate Bridge is possible, providing you are lucky and the weather is clear. (I think there are only couple weeks in San Francisco when it is actually sunny)

If you are adventurous and love to explore caves and ruins, there are plenty around the trails also.

One time when the tides were rising and the weather was really bad, I had the nerve to enter this cave. There are openings on the side of the cave where the railing is, and water actually can reach the ground level when the tides are rising. The waves sounded like someone hitting a huge taiko drum, and the ground vibrated like a small earthquake.

Climbing back up the hill, you can also view a beautiful sunset when there is no fog. There I stretched my body and ready for more activities this coming weekend!

Anyone took a relaxing walking recently?