If you love motorsport, events, hot girls & guys, or just want to try new activities when traveling, I would recommend going to Mazda Raceway-Laguna Seca in Monterey, California.

Laguna Seca is a race track that hosts world motorsport competitions like MotoGP, World Superbike, Le Mans, and so on. On regular days, the race track offers private driving lessons, and occasional automobile tracking events.

This is my second time back to Laguna Seca for MotoGP World Championship. The actual MotoGP race does not start until 3pm, but we decided to head out early at 6am in the morning because when it is a motorsport race day, it is never just about the race itself, but all the activities associated with the event. The parking gates opens at 7am to 10am in the morning. In order to get a spot and not have to park too far away, we arrived around 8am. There are many things to see and do before the race like:

Many motorcycle companies will have exhibits of past, current and up-coming motorcycles, not to mention riders’ social activities. (You can touch most of the motorcycles also!!)

Some have free photo booth with a model of the racing motorcycle (below)

Lots of vendors sell motorcycle related products you might not have access to regularly.There are also freebies giving away like hats, key chains, posters, autographs…etc. If you have kids, no worries, I remember Yamaha always have a kids’ motorcycle session where children can be suited in full outfit and helmet, and tries the mini motorcycles for free.

There are also a lot of beautiful models around to photography with.

What I really love though, is the paddock pass. For $25 USD, the pass grants you access to “back stage” area where competitors and teams are stationed at. (And you get to see lots of cute staff members like the one in the photo below ~ wink~)

The paddock pass allows you to have a chance to get a signature from your favorite riders, get a hug, talk to them, and sometimes see their happiest and worst moments in their career.

You can get a peek at the mechanics and engineers working on the bikes, and I really love seeing how all the mechanics and engineers in the back high fives each other and just social with each other like a family.

When the race started, the crowd was really hyped up and really supported the riders they love any way they can think of: some bring flags, some wear T-shirts, all claps and yells when a rider passes the other.

The ground was shaking from the motorcycle and the crowd cheering. Every time I look around, I feel so moved by the positive atmosphere and really thankful that I am here at this moment.

(I have to say though, be prepared for war at the paddock area if your favorite rider happens to be champion of last year or someone who has a lot of charm. I certainly  had some bruises after squeezing through this crowd below)

Laguna Seca is about 2 -3 hours drive from San Francisco. There are many other destinations around Monterey also like their famous Aquarium, fisherman’s wharf, Carmel…etc. This area is great for a weekend trip providing you have your own vehicle to travel around with. For more information about the race track and up-coming race events, please visit Laguna Seca’s website at www.mazdaraceway.com