(Photo above: The best crab cake sandwich I’ve tasted so far is at the Farmer’s Market of Ferry Building)

If you visit San Francisco and wonder what food and agriculture produce we have here in California, you have to visit a farmer’s market at least once. The one I recommend and the easiest to access for tourists is Ferry Building’s Outdoor Farmer’s Market. Farmer’s Market at Ferry Building happens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday around 10am to 2pm (For the early birds, Saturday starts at 8am)

All the vendors at the farmers market are from the bay area, many are organic certified. The market features fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits, flowers to street food like grilled whole chicken, fried oyster sandwich, crab cakes and more. Many vendors there welcome people to try a piece of their fruits and vegetables, and you can see many people starts eating the raw vegetables they just bought.

I brought my cousin to the Saturday market since it is a larger market than any other days. Saturday farmer’s market consists of vendors at the front and the back of the Ferry Building. From what we saw that day, there were at least more than 40 vendors on site. I personally love farmer’s market because I always find new and interesting vendors at the market.

My cousin and I ordered the crab cake & oyster sandwich. When we got our sandwiches, we were please. My crab cake sandwich was bigger than I thought, its thick, juicy, and looked like it could actually fill me up. My cousin’s fried oyster sandwich as not bad either, there were more than enough pieces of fried oysters included. We quickly found seats like the ones in the photo below, and enjoy a beautiful view of Bay Bridge, Ferry Building, and San Francisco while chewing our sandwich.

(Photo: Oyster Sandwich that my cousin ordered)

If you are lucky to seat at one of those round tables in the photo, it is a great place to scout what others order for food and great place to start a conversation with other locals to see which stands are worth visiting and try.

I usually buy honey and roasted almonds at the farmer’s market, but this day I found another interesting item, Rose Petal Sugar. Apparently the flower farmer dry and grind the rose petals into powder, and then mix it with powdered sugar. When you open the lid, you can immediately smell the roses. You can use this on fresh baked cookies and in hot tea. For me, I love just opening the lid and smelling it.  Like I said, you never know what delightful discoveries you may find at the farmer’s market.