(mmm ramen….actually, more ramen places in Japan comes with English/Chinese menu now. No worries about ordering the wrong sides).

It happened randomly (or not really, I delayed my trip already because I had work). But I am going to Japan soon.

I recently had to quit my part time job because the work time conflicts with classes I am taking for fall semester. I loved my part time job because of the people and my boss, but my classes pulled me back to reality. I admit, I been frustrated when it comes to find a new part time job that works with my schedule (I think it is almost harder than full time jobs to find x_X), and needs a break after I have been writing 3-5 cover letters every week day trying to express my passion and love for different organizations. I want a trip to recover my summer break for couple days, and hopefully able to dive into job/internship search again when I am back.

I definitely claim Akihabara as my backyard, and this time I will tell you in details where to stay, eat, and shop (with Tax return=10%off). And you know me, I love food!! I will be taking food photos a lot. Best of all, I will also be reporting from a college school dorm and I can show you some aspects of Japanese college life. (If you stay in an university hotel, it is so much cheaper than outside hotels, granted you have connections in school.)

(Japan hosts many fancy dessert, here I come!)