I started writing the blog not long ago in June. There were some awesome events that I went to before June, took lots of good photos, but did not write about. For people who are planning to visit San Francisco next year, I will start writing some.

On Easter Sunday earlier this year (April), I decided to umm, to be rebellious one time and go to Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences’ version of Easter Sunday events at Mission Dolores Park. This event turned out to be one of my favorite (^o^)

Background Information

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences is an order made of queer nuns. They were founded in 1979 on Easter Sunday. The purpose of their organization is “to community service, ministry and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment.” Because of their sexual identity that caused many conflicts with the Christians in San Francisco, they were also famous for kissing each other in front of St Mary’s Cathedral. You can read more about their activities and past conflicts with the church at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisters_of_Perpetual_Indulgence#Political_activism_and_protest


On Easter Sunday afternoon, the Sisters will start with their members on stage, introducing themselves and have a prayer session. After the opening, the shows began. In 2011 April, they have their “Lady GaGa,” “Julia Child,” and more. (Photo Below is Lady Ga Ga)

Then there are the fun competitions like Hunky Jesus and Easter Bonnets. (Photo Below)

The audiences were amazing too. Many dressed up to support the event, and everyone was high. (Photo Below)

There are not many food stands, so many people bring their own food and come picnic at the park while watching the shows. The audacity, the sarcasm, the classiness of the hosts and the people really made me laugh from my heart out.  I honestly enjoyed the event, and definitely repented my sins at night before I went to sleep.

Next time if you happen to be in San Francisco around Easter, make sure you check out Sisters of Perpetual Indulgences Easter Sunday Afternoon!! To me they represent an element of culture in San Francisco and a quest for freedom and acceptance.

This event is also a photographer’s heaven if you ask me. Everyone’s so friendly, and many are willing to pose for photographs.

This event is free, but location is subject to change every year. For more information, please check out: http://thesisters.org/