I don’t know about you, but I am pretty picky sometimes when it comes to picking a hotel to stay when going overseas. I proudly presents Remm Hotel as my favorite for the hotels in the price range around $100-$200 USD/per night in Tokyo.

1. Just look at this room!!

I have looked at many hotels around the same price range in Tokyo, and rarely one comes with style and comfort at the same time! I was very lucky to find Remm Hotel.  I first read about the hotel in other independent travelers’ websites, and everyone praised about their shower and their bed. Remm Hotel offers rooms with full size beds around $160 USD a night (depends on currency rate), with a modern, sophisticated scene (a room fits 2 people no problem). They also claim they have the most comfortable beds among all the hotels in the price range. Their staff knows simple, basic English.

Dude, many hotels at this price range in Japan do not have bathrooms this pretty with full amenities, and they have the best shower head ever!!

Warning: bathroom has large windows, means people in the bedroom can see you naked if you do not pull the bathroom curtains down..haha Good for couples I guess!

(Like many business hotels in Japan, the rooms here is pretty compact. If you are the person that travels light, this is the best for you. If you have 4-5 bags/cases, you might not have a place for them in the room. )

2. Location, location, location.

Most travelers would stay in Shinjuku while in Tokyo because it is an exciting location. I chose Akihabara for safety and peace. Shinjuku at night is very lively with night clubs, host clubs, and red light district, Kabukicho, nearby, but the area is also rough late at night because of that. Akihabara, the area is known for selling manga related products and electronics, is rather safe and peaceful to me since office workers, otakus, nerds and geeks do not dress up in black suits (like the male hosts at the bars) and try to drag people into bars and red light houses.

Remm Hotel in Akihabara is right in the same building as the JR train station. You just need to exit the Akihabara train station at “Central Gate Exit” and turn right. Remm Hotel’s entrance is just a couple steps away (right by Starbucks with a neon blue sign).  No annoying stairs or ramp at all, takes less than 2 minutes to get there!

3. Convenient.

I know, when you have jet lag, you will suddenly become hungry in the middle of the night, and not know where to get food. Across from Remm Hotel there is a convenient store, FamilyMart, and also a bar to relax your soul. In the same building as FamilyMart houses many restaurants  upstairs that opens will 10pm or 3am. There are also 7-Eleven and at least 2 other convenient stores nearby. There is also a 24 hour Denny’s nearby on the 2nd floor in the building of another hotel across the street (Yes its Denny’s), and many other 24 hour Ramen/Sushi places. I will slowly introduce those places another time.

(Above: FamilyMart and Bar across the street from Remm Hotel)

You want to shop? Akihabara has it all. Near Remm Hotel, there is Yodobashi, which sells everything electronic & more:from computers, monitors, home electronics (ionic hair dryers, USB fans, scented humidifiers) to even cosmetics and girls accessories. It also houses many dessert places and restaurants in the area. Hint: If you spend more than $100 USD at Yodobashi on certain electronic items, you can get tax return by showing them your passport and requesting the service at the cashier.

Great location, great hotel rooms, they have one in Akihabara and Hibiya. If you ever interested, here is their website:  http://www.hankyu-hotel.com/cgi-bin2/cms2/index_en.cgi?hid=51remmakihabara

(I recommend reserving through Japanese website if you have a friend who knows Japanese language, and have a Japanese address, because the rates on the Japanese website is cheaper. It is the same thing for all hotels in Japan)

Another hotel choice I recommend in the same price range is Washington Hotel. It is not as fancy, but definitely clean and reliable. It is also very very close to Akihabara station. Here is their website:  http://www.wh-rsv.com/english/akihabara/index.html

Do you have any hotels/hostels you like in Tokyo, Japan?

Reporting Live from Japan ^_^ Will give you current information in Japan !