When in Akihabara, you will see many cute girls dressed in maid outfits trying to pull customers into their cafe.

Maid cafe it is a cafe/restaurant place, and the “maids” or girls in different costumes (sometimes in yukata, or Shrine Maiden outfits) will be serving you food.  You can play games with the maids (like paper rock scissors or card games), or watch the maids perform a dance show. Maid Cafes are not Host Clubs, there is NO taking clothes off or any weird touching services, so don’t think about maid cafes in the wrong idea (Trust me, they cover more skin than girls working at Hooters here…). o.O If you got pulled into a place that gives you more services than food and normal games, you know you are in the wrong place (like a brothel or hostess club).

(Above: Posters for Maid Cafe)


For people who are interested but afraid of the language barrier, I have a maid cafe just for you!!

@Home maid cafe is one of the first maid cafes that has English Menu and maids that speaks English on some days of the week. It even has an English website with complete location map!! (Check out http://www.cafe-athome.com/pics/?lang=en )

(Photo Above: @home world cafe membership card)

When I visited the maid cafe, it was during the weekend and there were fans already waiting outside on the building stairs. We had to write our names on the waiting board. You line up, and they will call your name from the board. Once seated, the maid gave us English menus because she noticed my broken Japanese XDD.

I ordered a lunch set, which includes an rice omelet lunch course, a dessert, a soda drink, and a photo with the maid/or play games with her. I have to say….it was not cheap, costs about $15 ~ $25 USD, but it is for an one time experience =)

When the food comes, the maid will ask you to do a “magical spell” with her so the food will be filled with love and tastes good. She will lead and make hand gestures that ends with a heart sign. My advice? Just follow her and do it, or else you might make the maid feel bad if you don’t.

She will also ask for your name, and writes on the rice omelet =)

(Above: The decoration of the dessert is also adorable.)

The maids have scheduled dance shows in the afternoon, where they will perform simple dance steps to Japanese pop music. After the show, they will call the guests (who ordered specific lunch sets) up to the stage to take photos with them.

The atmosphere at the maid cafe is very cheerful. You can find many returning guests who likes to come to the maid cafe, have a non-alcoholic drink and play games with the maids while chatting away. I really recommend going to a maid cafe once, you will be intrigued for sure!

Note* Out of respect, do not take photos inside with your own camera unless given prior permission. Most of the maids here are high school students who are just doing a part time job, and certain high schools have restrictions on part time jobs (mainly for reputation purpose). Many maids will also refuse their photos taken on the streets.

Address (Copy and past on Google Map and search directions from Akihabara Station/Eki):

@home World/ HANA – Akihabara

4th-7th floors Mitsuwa bldg.
1-11-4 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo