(Above: Akihabara Station & Taxi Cab)

(Above: Many people smoke in Japan. Every train station here has a smoker’s room of some sort, and almost all restaurants allow smoking inside)

(Above: One of the more popular streets in Akihabara, this area has many electronic stores and maid cafes)

(Above: You will see maids at the side walk advertising their cafes, and many girls likes to dress up as well)

(Above: From time to time, you will find cars painted with video game/or anime characters on the streets of Akihabara)

(Above: Older street parts of Akihabara, you can find many useful electronic parts and wires in these older alley way electronic stores)

(Above: Needed a outlet converter for my laptop plug, and accidentally wondered into old Akihabara electronic alley way.)

(Above: Walking down the streets of Akihabara)

(Above: Vending machines in Japan, no IDs needed. They sell drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, and sometimes even condoms and underwear)

(Above: Maid Cafe Poster. This particular maid cafe, Animation Studios & Maid Cafe, is really famous here because they hire manga artists to design and draw artworks in their cafe and other posters)