(Above: Small/Usual Portion at Go! Go! Gorilla Curry, it is 2nd smallest on the list)

As you may notice while in Japan, many drink and food portions are really tiny here. I have heard that when western food chains try to establish in Japan, they have to shrink the size of the food in order to match the Japanese standard though still selling at the same price (or else people do complain here). I have to say, it is hard to feel really full here when you are used to the American portions of food. So today I want to introduce you a place in Akihabara where you can order large quantities of food and feel satisfied.

Go!Go! Gorilla Curry Rice was first opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 2004. Curry in Japan is a little sweeter and have a thicker texture than other curries around the world. Go! Go! Gorilla Curry is famous for the portions they serve, and often have eating competition to time who can eat their large portions in the fastest time.

We were first attracted to the place because of the Gorilla Mascot. Starving after walking the whole day around Tokyo to several different destinations, we wanted something solid and big to fill us up. Seeing a Gorilla as the poster child, we thought they must be serving gorilla size portions! (and we were right :D)

The best thing about Japan is that many places have photos or models of their food outside the restaurant. For people who knows almost no Japanese, you can look at the photos, (1) point at it to the waiters when ordering, (2) or take a photo and show it to the waiter, (3) or copy the name of the food down and show it to the waiter.

As for the size of the curry you want here, notice the “size” column on the top right corner of the poster, it is listed from smallest to biggest portion (Top to bottom): 1. Lady Portion/Smallest 2. Usual Portion/Small 3. Big Portion 4. Super Sized Portion. We usually pick one of the sizes in the middle 2.

(Above: Land and Sea Delux in Big Portion)

I would say if you have eaten Japanese curry before and do not mind the slightly sweetened taste or the creaminess , go for it. Japanese curry tend to have less smell of spices and a bit more on the thick, creamy side. IF you have never tried it before, I suggest order the small portion first (2nd on the portion size) to get a taste first and try.This place will definitely fill you up after a hard working day of tourism.

Website: http://www.gogocurry.com/shop.html 

Address For Go! Go! Curry (2 in Akiba, and easiest way to find them is to copy and paste the address to Google Map):

1. 千代田区神田佐久間町1-16-1大橋ビル1F (From Remm Akihabara/JR Train Station)

2.千代田区外神田1-11-7 (From Remm Akihabara/JR Train Station)