When having a jetlag while traveling, the worst thing (for me anyway) is to feel the hunger in the middle of the night but not knowing where to eat. Another scenario that happened to me before is, my flight did not arrive until 10pm at night, and most restaurants are closed while I was craving to eat some Japanese food right away (sobs). Luckily, if you have such experience and want to enjoy local Japanese food, there is this place in Akihabara called Fuji Soba that opens 24 hours a day =)

Fuji Soba is a chain buckwheat noodle store, and it is open around almost all train stations in Tokyo. I think this place is considered Japanese fast food restaurant since it has minimal but very fast service. I want to introduce this one because even though I have eaten soba at other restaurants and stuff, this one’s buckwheat noodles has the texture that I just love.

Fuji Soba has been around as way back as 1960s, and has been growing ever since (they have 68 stores in Japan as of 2007). The head of the Fuji Soba chain,Dan Masato, is an interesting man who was involved real estate business, music scene, and also has a book about himself.

Fuji Soba store has food models at the window, so you can look at different options they have. By the door there will be a machine, you press the name of the noodle you want, insert cash into the machine, and a ticket will spit out for you to hand it to the chef inside the restaurant.

My suggestion for people who knows no Japanese language is to take a photo of the food model’s name tag that you want, and match the characters of the name of the noodle by looking at the photo and the list of names on the machine at the same time.

I ordered a soba with tempura on it. I loved the soup (not too salty), I love the noodle is cooked perfect that day, and the portion was about right (you can order more noodles if hungry). I recommend it when you are hungry during late night or do not want to in long lines for other restaurant.

Website: http://fujisoba.co.jp/shop/ 

Address (Akihabara): 千代田区外神田1-14-1 宝田中央通りビル – Map is from Akihabara Station to Fuji Soba.