After visiting Meiji Shrine (Please Click to Read Last Post) we had the choice or either hang around Harajuku or go to Shinjuku before our legs gave out. We have been to Harajuku before (it was only okay for us, not very exciting because too crowded), and really wanted to avoid the crowd and go shopping, so we decided to go to Shinjuku by JR Train (you can also walk if you have more energy)

(Photo Above: View from Shinjuku Station/South Entrance side)

At Shinjuku Station/South Entrance, there are many stands there that sells desserts or Japanese sweets like Tokyo Banana and Tokyo Yam. Instead of searching for umm, lunch, I directly head to one of the stands and bought more desserts instead.

Cozy Corner first started in 1948 at the fashionable, lavish Ginza District of Tokyo. It is famous for making traditional Japanese sweets into new fusion desserts, and also making western desserts more suitable for Japanese taste. One of the top seller dessert at Cozy Corner is their cream puff.

I was drooling at their counter while trying really hard to decide what to buy. They have a lot of cakes that I really want to try.

In the end, I chose 1. Japanese Cheese Cake 2. Fruits & Mochi Green Tea Cake 3. Cream Puff

Japanese Cheesecake is more fluffy and lighter in density, texture and taste.Cozy Corner’s cheesecake still have the cheese taste with it, but overall it is less heavy and creamy than the ones at Cheesecake Factory. It really depends on the person’s taste to say if it is good or not.

Fruits and Mochi Green Tea Cake was awesome!. It has peach, strawberry, blueberry, red bean paste, mochi, green tea cake, and cream. The fruits were fresh, juicy, and balanced well with green tea cake.

Cream Puff! If you like softer crust for the cream puff, Cozy Corner got it right for you!. The crust for this cream puff is really moist and soft. The cream inside is less dense, but more refreshing than the ones from Beard PaPa.

Ever had desserts in Japan? If not, Shinjuku Station got quite a few choices at the South Entrance.

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Map (From Harajuku to Shinjuku Station as the continuation of the 1 day trip):