(Photo Above: Random Japanese Hamburger I had during the trip, Also recommend Denny’s Hamburger Steaks in Japan)

I always loved Japanese Hamburger. Instead of eating a hamburger with buns and holding it with your hands, Japanese prefer to eat the meat patties alone on the sizzling metal plate and with rice. The Japanese hamburgers are very very soft and juicy, when it sizzles on the metal plate, the juice spewing everywhere and the smoke rises to the ceiling, you will take a deep breath and enjoy the aroma of satisfaction filling your nostrils.

For people who are visiting Japan the first time and are nervous about their Japanese ability, thats look at a Hamburger place that mentioned they have English Menu today!

After I ate the dessert (Please Click to Read the Last Post), I felt guilty for eating sweet stuff before real food and want to stuff some real food down into my stomach. We stumbled upon this place called Fransu/A.K.A France that has delicious hamburger steaks and also English Menu available. (Best access from Shinjuku Station’s East Exit)

Many Hamburger Steak Houses in Shinjuku/Kabukicho will have their menus on display outside so you can take a look before deciding to head in. If they have English Menu also, they will mention that with the poster outside too!

This particular hamburger steak place is underground, with small, narrow hallway leading to it. I get a little nervous when I see no windows at all. As many restaurants in Japan, this hamburger place allows smoking inside at certain section. So as we sat down, we already started 2nd hand smoke from the 5 girls sitting next to us. (Restaurants have non-smoking section too)

I ordered Garlic Hamburger. It comes on the sizzling plate with their special sauce and fried garlic on top.All hamburgers comes with rice (all you can eat rice!) and tea.

This is their green onion pepper hamburger steak! The photo makes it look small, but in real life size, it is pretty decent, and filled my stomach!

I know, it is weird, first seeing hamburger on a hot plate,second pairing hamburger steak with rice, third there is no lettuce, ketchup, fries and pickles around. Instead when you order a set, they serve all you can eat rice, a salad, and a really good cup of soup.

But! That is how Japanese eat their hamburger steak. I recommend trying it once when in Japan because their hamburger steak actually is seasoned pretty well, and the tenderness of the meat will not disappoint you.

ふらんす亭 Hamburger Website:  http://www.france-t.co.jp/

Map (From Shinjuku Station):