So, thats take a break from the food and take a walk around Shinjuku instead. I bet you are full just looking at the food photos for the past couple of days.

I suggest click on the photos to see the larger version as you read along to fully enjoy them.

Shinjuku, it was formed in 1947 after during World War II US air raids destroyed most of the areas there. Now Shinjuku station itself is a huge shopping mall. It is connected to the department Lumine, and have direct pathways to Takashimaya. When arrive at the station, you can feel a vibe of young energy. Everyone is going somewhere, to do something, and walking at really fast paste.

Coming out of Shinjuku Station, take a look around, and you will feel like you are in the city’s jungle.

I had no idea where to go and what to do, then I remember something. My boyfriend gave me a travel tip before: when you not sure what to do in Japan, always follow the high school girls. XD (lol~) Reason? Because they go out to get food or to have fun after school/on weekends, and they are locals, so they know where are the good places are.

Since I have nothing to lose, plus I won’t be mistaken as a pervert or criminal since I am a normal looking female tourist with innocent intention, I decided to take my boyfriend’s advice and try it once. (Warning: this method is not for everyone! No guarantee on the result! Do not stalk people extensively!)

I started following two girls in front of me. The girls lead me to a department store, then they disappeared. I stood there at the entrance because the store was not opened yet.

My eyes stopped on a girl (on the right of the photo above) who seems to be waiting for someone. Her milky white skin, solid clean black hair, with a bright orange dress that brings her out…I could not take my eyes off this romantic scenery.(So I snapped a photo of her back)

(Photo Above: Food truck outside of a department store selling crepe and shaved ice)

After 5 minutes, I got tired of waiting (some patience huh). It was getting hot and I want to be in a room filled with A/C ASAP before I melt. I started walking randomly to the back of the department store and then down the street.

I somehow arrived at 0101/Marui One Shopping center down the block. It was only 4 minutes till they open. I looked across the street, and saw many girls in school uniform. I was like….isn’t today Sunday?? I guess they either have school activities or they love their uniform.

I did not know what to expect at 0101 One department store, but a lot of people start gathering outside the door, and everyone dressed like Gothic Lolita or Visual Kei rock stars. I secretly felt out of place and start wondering what am I lining up for. Finally, the store opened.

Walking inside, I realized….this is not a normal shopping mall O.O!!!

Pink teddy bear, super pom pom dress, roses everywhere, store sales ladies with extreme make-up and clothing O.O What is this?!

No, there is no mistake, this department store is for adults, but I see clothes for barbie dolls, wigs in rainbow colors, and shoes that were tall as a block of cement.

Then there were stores that sells old English looking clothing and more.

I thought “anyone wear this nowadays?” Then I realized, we are in Japan, where young people would wear anything, especially if you are into anime and visual kei rock type of stuff. They dress like characters walking out of fairy tales, so romantic yet surreal.

(Photo Above: Guess what I got??)

Since this is not your usual shopping mall, they hand out free magazines to Butler Cafe – Swallowtail !!!! I been wanting to visit that cafe for a while, but the reservation list is long and hard to get on. The free magazine definitely satisfied me a little bit this time, but I am determined to get on that reservation next time I am here!

(Photo Above: desserts offered during summer at Butler Cafe and their website)

Back on to the train. As I continue on my adventure =)

If you want to be amazed by the sub-culture of Japan, I recommend going to  Marui/0101 One department store in Shinjuku. It is a smaller department store and can be easily toured in one hour or less, but the stuff in there will not disappoint your eyes.

So, how do you decide your routes and activities to do when traveling? =D

Address: 東京都新宿区新宿3-1-20