In the previous article before I wrote about how when western food chain open restaurants in Japan, they have to change their portions (Please Click to Recap). Actually, those restaurant did more than just food portions. Have you heard that McDonalds sold Wasabi McChicken before? KFC selling egg tarts? Abalone pizza anyone?

One night when it was after 12am and there aren’t many options around, we went to Denny’s see what the Japanese western food is all about!

Those of you who lives in United States should know about this restaurant. Denny’s was opened around the 1950s as a donuts shop under the name Danny’s. The name was later changed when they have a bunch of chain restaurants opened in the late 1950s. When you are hungry at night, Denny’s is always open with welcome arms no matter what time it is. They serve mainly hamburgers, fries, salad, pancakes and other usual items you would find in an American Diner.I remember all the nights when we stayed up and party as college students, we end the night by going to Denny’s in the wee hours and have our “breakfast” before we pass out.

I was coming out of my hotel in Akihabara when I turned my head right and saw the bright yellow neon sign that says “Denny’s.” I was like O_O are you serious? they have a Denny’s here??? How do people here even handle the portions?

The First Shocker: My Menu or Teen Vogue of Food?

Did you see that???? (Photo Above). I know Japanese are really good at packaging and marketing, but I cannot believe how they added the Japanese flavor to Denny’s Menu. Not only they have added manga looking characters on the menu, everything looked very well designed and almost like a magazine instead of just a menu. I don’t know why, the manga characters made the menu looked more energetic, hip, and delicious…..(wanted to steal the menu as a souvenir ~ haha)

Shocker 2: Where Did My Buns Go?

Denny’s in American offers super-sized burger and fries portion (enough that after eating them weekly for a year, I gained more weight than I ever knew XDD, joking). I was thinking it is funny how we chose to eat the same thing in Japan during late night instead Japanese food (a nostalgic thought though). Yet when we ordered and the food came, I blinked my eyes several times and thought “Are we in Denny’s?”

(Photo Above: Japanese Hamburger)

First when the hamburger came, we immediately noticed, we need to order more than one thing to get full (the portions were really really small). We also noticed, there is no lettuce, tomatoes, and bread buns. Instead there is a shrimp tempura on top XD. The hamburgers were juicy, soft, and tender. I personally liked it and could not stop stealing parts of it from my boyfriend.

(Photo Above: Baked Vegetable with Cream & Cheese)

I wanted something with vegetables in it. Usually at Denny’s in USA, besides the salad, you don’t have any luxury of options. No here in Japan. Not only they have a huge variety of hamburger steaks, they got quite a few “health” dishes. They also offer lower calorie desserts and desserts with lots of fruits for those with sweet tooth but does not want the pounds.

Shocker 3: Calorie ain’t a secret.

I know, you can check the calorie of the food you just ate at Denny’s after you get home and start surfing online (and may be regret later?). In Japan, they show it all on the menu as it is, no after-shocks for sure, and you take full responsibility for what you ordered. I find that very very convenient as a girl, and wish they print calorie on every menu in USA!!

I definitely would go back to Denny’s in Japan again. They have so many unknown food kinds that we don’t get here. Should I also tell you they have a good variety of sundaes with lots of fresh fruits on top??

Western restaurants in Japan definitely is filled with interesting mysteries. I dare you to go order something at Denny’s in Akihabara when visiting. (wink wink)

Anyone tried other western food places in Japan and discovered a new food specie?

Denny’s in Akihabara is in the same building as Washington Hotel on the 2nd floor (take the outdoor staircase). Can be accessed by coming out of the Akihabara Station’s Central Exit.