Travel is to experience. At the country side of Japan, there is no department stores, there is no late night pubs, there is no maid cafes. I enjoy riding a bicycle around the nature during the day, but after couple days, I need some civilization. My favorite pass time when I am bored is going to the convenient stores and see what they have. I will prove to you why convenient stores are worth the trip!

(Photo Above: Family Mart is one of the main convenient stores in Japan. Other major ones are 7-Eleven, important because atm there takes USA visa cards, and Lawson)

Convenient stores in Japan sells almost everything! (Besides medicine x_X It is a pain in the butt to find good painkiller pills in Japan). They also offer a good variety of fresh food from sushi, rice balls, fried chicken, soba noodles, bento box sets, salad, spaghetti, sandwiches to cakes, puddings, and cream puffs…etc. You can literally survive on convenient stores in Japan, and girls even have created diet meal plans base on eating the food in the convenient stores. (Again, I wish convenient stores in USA offer more food than hotdogs, junkfood and sandwiches ;_;)

Today we will look at a few examples of the yummy snacks you can get from the convenient stores in Japan. They are cute, tempting, and small. (Caution: due to the low cost, the quality can be a bit different from specialized dessert stores).

(Photo Above: Some kind of fruit jello cake from Family Mart. I love the toppings and the cake layer. I wish they have more sponge cake part to eat it with the fruit jelly part. This would be perfect when paired with black tea or Earl Grey. )

(Photo Above: Pudding Cake from Lawson. The pudding, the yellow moose, and the bottom part of the this cake is awesome. The only imperfection is too much whip cream. But then again, can’t have it all when it is only $2-3 USD. I like to pair this with Oolong tea or black tea)

(Photo Above: Green Tea jello and moose cake from Lawson. If you love Matcha green tea, this is it for you! However, for people like me who likes milder taste of Matcha green tea, this can be a bit too much. Pairing this with ice mocha or milk tea is actually pretty good)

(Photo Above: Layered Crepe Cake from Lawson. I suggest let it sit in room temperature for 3-5 minutes before eating it. I love the thin layers of the crepe!! This was 2 slices for $400yen.)

(Photo Above: Mochi from 7-Eleven. At first I thought it was sweet….until I took a bite. It is actually rice cake with sweet soy sauce topping. For first timers it can be unique/or awkward. After 2 sticks of the mochi though, I start liking it more. This with Sencha tea is perfect)

Do you notice something? Desserts in Japan can often be too sweet (at least the ones in convenient stores or traditional Japanese dessert shops). You have to pair the desserts in Japan with tea. So, be creative. When you buy get a dessert from the convenient store, try to pair it with different kinds of cold tea they sell in the stores =D Tell me how it goes ~

Ever find low budget desserts while travel? Share it!