It is the weekend, so I am going to relax a bit and post photos of what I see at the country side when I do my daily runs to the convenient stores and super market.

I went to Shiojiri (and thats where I went to school cafeteria). I took a JR special train called “Super Azusa” which costs about $80 USD plus 2 hours and half from Tokyo to get there.

It is a country-side city with an area of 290.18km2. The temperature are usually around 51 degree Fahrenheit (Although so far when I visited there, its been about 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit because of late summer weather). The area is famous for ancient towns, fruit and wasabi farms, hot springs, lacquer wares and more. Most of the festivals, like Highland Horse Race and Gemba/Fox Dance, in the city starts in June, and ends in November.

I only know a tiny part of Shiojiri because I don’t have a car to drive around and see stuff. We were lucky a teacher once drove us to the hot springs in the mountains nearby. Shiojiri is a great place to go enjoy hot springs because there are not that many tourists here, so many times you can have the whole bath area to yourself. =D

(Photo Above: Farms everywhere!)

(Photo Above: The fruits smelled really good, like gummy candy, as I am biking by)

(Photo Above: many houses here tend to be more Japanese style than in the city.)

(Photo Above: An old house that I saw on my way to the supermarket)

(Photo Above: Is this what I think it is?? Gas tanks outside the building?!! I see this everywhere outside all the houses and apartments…..and feel dangerous for them because someone can easily cause an explosion with this x_X)

(Photo Above: The city is surrounded by the mountains.)\

I only show photos of one tiny part of Shiojiri, the part that I am staying at. As I said before, this place does not have as many foreign tourists as other areas do, so the hotel/notel prices here are cheaper (mostly under $100 USD), the air is fresh, many historic sites, and great onsen/hot spring places that you almost can have it all to yourself. For more information, please visit their English Website: Shiojiri City English Website

One tip: Because this is a rural area where they don’t usually see foreigners, please make sure you have your passport in your pockets ready. The police here tend to check on foreigners more due to the fact that they don’t see many outsiders around.