Ahhh, the beer, the food, the crowd, the music and the dances of celebration.

Tis the season of Oktoberfest!

The event goes back when Germany was at first celebrating Prince Ludwig and Princess Theresa’s royal wedding hundreds of years ago. Turns out the celebration continue to happen next year. They added horse racing, then turned into a yearly festival, and escalated to having a parade also. Citizens of Munich later in took the responsibility of organizing the event, and in the late 19th century, the festival revolutionized to the current Oktoberfest state where beer/alcohol is the main focus.

I have been seeing reading other travelers’ posts about Oktoberfest, and been dying to see how it is like. Though I am not at Germany, I found another great alternative to get a taste of the celebration: San Francisco Oktoberfest at pier 48.

I have a side story about my adventure to the event.  ~ Every time when I make assumptions while traveling, I get lost . It happened again this time (Hides).  And I had a victim with me this time too. This year San Francisco’s Oktoberfest is at Pier48. I assumed that the piers in San Francisco go in numerical order. I thought, “Oh, I will just take the subway that goes towards pier 39 and eventually I will see pier 48.” While waiting for train to come, there was my victim: a Ukrainian tourist (or so he says, his English was too good to be a tourist) who was hoping to get to Pier 39 because his friend told him Oktoberfest is there. Happily I showed him the train, we got to Fisherman’s Wharf, and I could not see Pier 48. Great ~

Turns out pier 48 is on the other side of Ferry Building/Pier1, a 3 miles walk that took us an hour to get there. So,  if you are the Ukrainian tourist who was with me that day, even though your friend gave you the wrong direction, I will say sorry for the long walk also before you got to your beer fest. I hope the little tour of the city made up for it XD

Back to Event Experience!

I bought an VIP ticket to Oktoberfest, which included a mug, a drink, food, dessert, and private bathroom. Although I am not sure why I bought VIP ticket, but I hoped it is worth the price. (Why did they mention private bathrooms on the website?…)

 The food they served for the VIP section included sausage, Potato Salad, green salad, bread, and apple pie /or black forest cake. The sausage was steaming hot, slightly spicy, and comes with the onions. The potato salad was more on the salty side, but you can taste the olive oil and blends in really well when you eat it with the sausage. For dessert I chose apple pie at first, and loved the crust is soft in the inside, but crispy on the outside.

But I was not done. I really want Black Forest Cake also, so I paid extra just to satisfy the voice inside my stomach calling out for sweets. I thought the cake was probably just like the ones at the supermarket: stall, hardened, and heavy cream with an artificial aftertaste. I was delighted when I took my first bite! The chocolate cake was moist and fluffy, the cream was light, there were cherries at the bottom of the cake. The sourness of the cherries balanced out with the sweetness of the chocolate cake.

Throughout the fest, there was live music and dancing. I enjoyed watching the musicians toasting and drinking on the stage while performing (who said you can’t drink while working?), and everyone cheered during the folk dance performance where the guys picked up the ladies and actually slapped their butt O_O They really brought the crowd’s energy to the high point, and was toasting with the crowds constantly during the show.

(Photo: Crowd toasting back).

VIP ticket proved its ultimate worth when I had to go to bathroom after all the liquid. During the event, I needed to go to the bathroom. At first I went to the general public one. Oh dear dear….when I got there, though it was dark at portable bathroom site, I saw all kinds of liquid (literally) flowing out of the bathroom stalls. Furthermore, when I opened the door, I could smell many things that I rather not describe.

The smell hit me so hard I could not take even a step into the bathroom; I started to panic a little. Just then I remembered: I have a VIP ticket, and VIPs have private bathrooms! Aha! I strolled back to the VIP section, held my breath as I opened the bathroom door. This time, the smell of Freeze welcomed me with opened arms, and everything was clean!

This event was enjoyable, though I think it is the best if you have friends with you, and beer is the main thing in your mind.

I am definitely feeling the hangover and going back to sleep now! Gute Nacht ~