Being a student is great, no worries about getting a full time job, facing office drama & politics, and dealing with a boss from hell.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. Students are paying high price (literally) to get tortured with this thing called “midterm” or “final exam.” This week is my midterm week, so I ceased all fun activities I had dreamed about in my head (hence less writing). But when I cannot sit still anymore and I am just cleaning the house to escape the reality of being 2 days away from an exam, I am lucky I have Ocean Beach in San Francisco that is about 20 blocks away from me.

Ocean Beach is about 5 miles long at the west coast of San Francisco. Famous spots like Lands End Trail and Cliff House is at the Northern tip of the beach. I usually take my random morning or afternoon walk right in the middle of the 5 mile stretch to avoid the crowd and parking trouble.The weather is almost always foggy and windy there. It is hard to see people or who is walking to you until they are right in front you in the late afternoons. It is also a hard spot to take photos since I am not a pro when it comes to dealing with fogs. However, the chilliness and the feeling of isolationย  allows me to just breathe, looking into the ocean, and thinking about nothing in particular. I recommend taking your shoes off and feel the warm sand (despite the weather)ย  while talking a walk here, you will love the vibration of the waves and the cold ocean water touching your feet from time to time.ย 

Here are some photos I took recently at Ocean Beach. They are divided into Sunrise and Afternoon sections.

Morning Sunrise

Afternoon (Too Foggy for Sunset….)

Okay, I will stop procrastinating and go back to study! See ya ~