I know when it comes to festivals, most people only knows about Pride Parade in San Francisco and its colorful characteristics. But don’t feel bummed out if you cannot make it to San Francisco during summer vacation, because I got another exciting festival that will give you a glimpse of San Francisco’s unique culture!

I have been wanting to share with others about How Weird Street Faire for a while now, but never got the chance to write about it because there are many exciting events in San Francisco almost every weekend, and this event happened back before I created FootTracker Blog.This is definitely one of the top events for photographers who likes people and not shy XD

How Weird Street Faire happens every year around May at San Francisco’s SOMA District (near Financial District). The Faire’s purpose is to promote peace and unity through music, dance, performance and art. The event organizers want people to forget about their differences, ethnicity, political stands, social status, daily stress, and just come to dance your worries away.

How Weird Street Faire had about 10 blocks all dedicated to the event, and 7 or more stages around that pumps music into the atmosphere till 8pm. Every single music stage has its own theme, like space theme, oriental theme, stone age…etc. All the DJ’s have distinct style and you can tell who likes what theme by seeing how many people crowded around the stages. There are tons of people who dressed up for the event, many performances scheduled, and vendors selling specialty art crafts. Literally under the heated first sun before summer, people danced and cheered with the DJs.

I love coming to this festival because people are very friendly (both staff and general public). Everyone’s in a good mood, a lot of socializing going on, and if you ask them to pose for photos, most of the people will say yes with a big sunny smile and even strike a conversation with you. =)

There are many performances during the event. All the performances happens right on the street (not on stages). I found the performances by looking to see where people are forming random big circles on the streets. They had martial arts exhibit, hippie and Amazon looking dance performances.

I did not find much food around during the event.  I think there was only 3-5 vendors selling food, mostly BBQs and Chinese food. All the restaurants at the event location are closed that day. (So I recommend eat a brunch before coming here).

Again, if you are looking for exotic and fun event to go to in May while visiting San Francisco, How Weird Street Faire is the place to go! (They ask for donations at the event entrance, no set admission fee)

Website: http://howweird.org/