Recently, I decided to hire a photographer to take my Halloween Portraits.

I often take photos of other people and scenery around me. But because often I travel alone, it is frustrating to take photos of myself even though I wanted to. When I saw a Facebook Deal for a photographer,  although she mostly only take photos in Oakland, I decided to give it a try.

Before I get too excited talking about my costume and gave away what I will be for Halloween, I want to say I was not expecting such a beautiful national park filled with redwood trees would exist in a metropolitan area.I specifically requested the photos to be taken at a natural, wooded area because I want my photo shoot to look like a fairy tale. The photographer suggested Roberts Park in Oakland.

Robert’s Park in Oakland is about 82 acres big. It has family recreation areas like picnic sites, swimming pool, children’s playground, and many hiking trails. Robert’s Park opens from 5am to 10pm. It is accessible only by car, and the parking costs $5 dollars (not counting pet fee) if you decide to use the parking lot.To me it is more like a recreational area for family and casual hikes, and less for people who are very serious minded about wild adventures in the nature.

I arrived at the area when the sun finally peeks out its head after a storm in the afternoon. The ground was still wet and trees were emitting warm, moist, arm opening smells of wood that makes me feel like I am having an onsen at the Japanese bathhouse with the wooden bathtub (Hinoki smell). Before I meet with the photographer, I decided to take my own camera and have a little field trip ^^

Enjoy the photos and guess my Halloween costume will be based on which fairy tale? (Answers will be announced around Halloween time ^_^ Or depends on if my photographer give me my photos)

Robert’s Park Website: