Elegant, classic, adrenaline, power, obsession, passion. Those are the words that would describe my hot, steamy weekend with Porsche Rennsport Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

This was the first time ever that Porsche has a Rennsport Reunion event here in California. During this event, all the car collectors, racers, and fans are invited to come, showcase their beloved Porsche cars, race on the track, and meet each other in the community. It included over 300 Porsche cars on display, 50 different drivers for autograph sessions, and the debut of the new Porsche 911. It is not just any cars that are on the track, many of them are historical race cars that use to be in Formula races or other professional racing series also. Jerry Seinfeld was there as the co-Marshal, along with the exhibition of the car sample from the movie “Cars” by Pixar Studio that spiced up the event.

The new 911, the RS Spyder cars, and all made me felt slightly dizzy and blinded because I have never seen so many Porsche cars in my life at the same place. There were Porsche cars on the track, in garages, on the exhibition ground, in 1/3 of all the parking lot spots, and also everywhere in Monterey hotels’ parking lots that weekend. I really was questioning my sanity and if I was in a dream with all the pretty cars right in front of me. Not to mention I also wondered how I was going to cope with “hot car withdraw” symptom when I have to drive back out to the normal streets of California on Sunday afternoon.

I have always loved motorsports, and it was an honor to spent 4 days here on the track watching from the private photo shoots, press meetings, to the exhibits and the race. (Also made new friends here from all over the world during this weekend =D)

Please, come enjoy part of my 4 day car feast that will make you go “gaga” with a fast, pounding heart.

The Beautiful RS Spyder