(Photo Above: I know, Human + Camera = Stalker of Life XD, jk jk, I am part of that too)

Monterey Fisherman’s Wharf began its journey in history when Sebastian Viscaino, a mariner & merchant delegated by Viceroy of New Spain in the 1600s, found the location as a perfect place for harbor. As time goes by, the wharf was flourished by fisherman and merchants. In the effort to accommodate fishing fleet and freight business, the city bought the Wharf in the 1900s, and the location was consisted of mainly warehouses, retail fish outlets, marine service station, one restaurant, and one abalone shell grinding business.

After World War II, as the fishing business went downhill due to supply issues, the wharf (like many others around the shore) had to find another outlet to stay alive. The wharf was transformed into a tourist attraction, and soon candy shops, boat tour businesses, restaurants, retail stores stepped into the wharf as its new residents.

While I enjoy the breeze, fresh air and food, it is the animals around the wharf caught my attention.

I first visited Fisherman’s Wharf back in 2010, when I was on a trip to attend a race car club event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. It was May when the sun began to shine with soft warm rays and the animals are congregating around the shore.

There is always a guy with parrots at the wharf. He has like 10 parrots. You pay a fee, and he will place a parrot on your arm or shoulder for a photo. The parrots are people friendly and many kids runs to see them first when arriving at the wharf.

There are also many whale watching tours at the wharf, but I was not able to tak the tour due to time constraints (tours are usually 2-3 hours long). However, there are also plenty small, short boat tours around the bay. As I took one of the smaller boats out to the bay, I was welcomed by what it seemed like hundreds of sea lions having a natural sun tan in the lazy afternoon.

If for some reason you do not have time for the boat tours, do not be sad that you will not have a chance to see wild life around. Last week when I was at the wharf, from far away I saw a group of California Brown Pelicans congregating at the dock. Wondering what kind of party they are having there, I went to investigate. Apparently there was a small fishing boat there and the people were throwing out fish parts they do not need. All the pelicans took their position there, ignoring the growing crowd of humans who were stalking them with cameras. (They were so close you can touch them, although I won’t guarantee the safety of your finger). It was popular enough that I even saw sea lions swimming towards the pelican crowd and tries to join the club.

If you are lucky, you will see sea lions on the dock from time to time also. Just remember please do not disturb their slumber party =)

(Photo Above: Ai ~ Is it comfy down there?)

I hope you enjoy this brief tour of Animals at Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey. When you have a chance to visit, take your time, walk around, and you might discover many different animals that adds characters to the harbor around.