(Photo Take by me, FootTracker, at MotoGP – Laguna Seca July, 2011)

Today as I was preparing to write another blog post, I came across the news that one of the beloved motorcycle riders for MotogGP, Marco Simoncelli, unfortunately has passed away due to an accident during the race in Sepang this weekend.

I first saw Simoncelli in person at Laguna Seca this year in July, 2011. We bought the paddock passes and was waiting at the garage area for the riders to come out.

Simoncelli was one of the riders that came out earlier that day at Laguna Seca. It was a rough day for him because he crashed at the beginning of the race. As Simoncelli was walking out, one of the guys waiting among the fans yelled “Hey, me and my buddy were betting which corner you would crash at!” (The person intended it as a joke, I know, a terrible joke). Personally if I hear any jokes like this when I am already having a bad day, I would be pissed off and walk away fast as I could before I explode (or throw something). However, Simoncelli did not. Simoncelli forced a smile on his face, still signed autographs and took photos with the fans when requested to do so. He truly stood out that day, and I admired how he held himself together.

Simoncelli was a great motorcycle racer with infinite potentials. He worked hard as he could, and the results showed when he was on the MotoGP podium for the race at Czeh Republic Grand Prix-Brno this year, 2011. He was the first non-factory team rider to take a podium stand in dry weather.

Rest in Peace “Sic” .

I always and will continue to love MotoGP. I know all the riders and fans understand that there are risks involved in this sport, and everything can happen so fast that sometimes it would be hard to take it all in. Passion, obsession, talent, love, and support, that is what motorsports is about.