It was a late lazy afternoon as I finished my second day at Laguna Seca. I hopped into my car and drove to Cannery Row, hoping to find something to treat my drained soul (after all I used up my smiles and hyperactivity during the day).

Walking along the commercialize streets of Cannery Row while feeling the slight chilly breeze blowing lightly by my ears, I was suddenly halt to stop by a warm gush of air rushing out of a pair of red doors with the smell of cinnamon and sugar that filled my nostrils. Could this be……one of my favorite treat, Cinnamon buns?!!!

Lilly Mae’s Cinnamon Rolls is certainly well known among the tourists and the locals. The owner, Debora Hannas, actually has been living in Monterey since 1977. She watched as Cannery Row has been revived to the current state from the days after the fish market crash . Lily Mae’s Cinnamon Rolls is know for their large size, soft, gooey cinnamon buns with generous amount of frosting on top.  The shop also serves other pastries and food like cookies, cupcakes, muffins, quiche, and flat bread pizza.

Without any resistance to the smell, I entered the store and started browsing through the items they have at the counter while enjoying the heater warming up my body. My eyes fell upon the counter with all the freshly baked cinnamon buns, and I held back my drools while trying hard to decide which one to get without holding up the line.

It was the longest 5 minutes of my life. They have so many choices like Pecan cinnamon, original recipe, apple cinnamon, sugar frosted cinnamon…etc, and I wanted it all. I gulped, and picked original cinnamon bun without the frosting (for my tummy’s well being). The lady at the counter asked me if I was going to eat it right away, I said no. She packed up the cinnamon bun in a container with a fork, and instructed me that I should microwave the cinnamon bun for 30 seconds if I eat it back in my hotel room.

The cinnamon roll from this shop is huge! The roll is big as my hand. After microwaving it for 30 seconds, the steam and the lush of cinnamon smell embraced me warmly in my cold air-conditioned hotel room. I have to say, it was definitely a messy, gooey treat (do not recommend eating it while walking), but who is afraid of a mess when the food is good?

Weather is getting cold, does this remind you any yummy treats you love during winter time?

Lily Mae’s Cinnamon Rolls

Address: 700 Cannery Row, #H, Monterey, CA.