Ahh, tis the Halloween week again, the time when people dress up as witches (or vampires), kids get candies for free, and young-lings gather to share tall tales from ancient horror stories to modern urban myths. In order to celebrate the fun, spooky mood of the season, I hereby want to share a place that truly got my hair stood up all over my body and had me ran to the exit door after 5 seconds.

I was looking for something to do in Cannery Row, and as I entered one of the old buildings along the streets of Cannery Row that hosts a lot of little shops and restaurants, I saw the staircase to: Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum.

Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum actually hosts more than 100 wax figures, all imported from London and Paris. The figures are set in different scenarios that shows people a slice of life in Monterey from 400 years ago till now. You will see people working in fish canning factory, ladies in a salon, guys drinking at a bar, and even hear from shippers and  comments of the days in Monterey. Sounds innocent and informative enough, Right?

(Photo Above: Wax figures via Fish Cannery Scene @Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum)

Haven’t been to a wax museum for a while, wanted a shelter from the blazing sun, and somehow kept thinking it will just be like the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, I was actually excited and immediately bought the ticket. (I was so young and foolish….)

I descended the flight of old, wooden, cracking stairs to the basement, and was ready to jump into another world that I hoped to make my eyes wonder with curiosity. As I enter through the entrance with some dusts that made my cough (I am allergic to dust), I found myself in….complete darkness with not a single sound from the living souls.

I panicked… I was not expecting being thrown into the hell of darkness with no lights, and could not turn back either because there is a bar thing at the entrance that does not let frightened souls like me to return. There was not a single person or living creature down there due to the fact that I went in on a weekday, plus it is not tourist season. I gulped. A chilly breeze ran up the back of my spine, my hair stood up, and my sense were on high alert.  Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw lots of wax figures at different stations, and creepy as hell, I felt like I was the one being watched….

I took three steps forward, the floor creaked, I kept my eyes on the wax figures. Suddenly one station’s light came up, and something was moving! I screamed and bolted out of reflex, and arrive at the end of the path with the crimson curtains and the exit sign. I stopped to catch my breathe, and thought “Dude, I paid for this thing, I am not wasting my money and go out now!” I turned around, started breathing deeply, and started thinking about different tactics to conquer my fear.

Turns out, each station has a button. When you press the button at the counter, the light will come on, and the wax figures will start talking. I came up with the wonderful idea that I shall start from the back near the exit, and press all the buttons along my way to make sure all the light are lit. =D The rest was little bit more bearable until I reached the middle, and the lights near the exit way are turned off once again. After that I just had enough and quickly moved out.

I enjoyed some aspects of the museum. It included visual and audio presentations that gives the general public a peek back in the old days, and definitely will keep the children busy running around, pressing the buttons and looking at all the different figures. The wax figures are not what you normally see nowadays, they are like antiques.

I, however, have several lessons learned: 1. Need to think twice before randomly buying a ticket to any tour/museum on a none busy weekday thinking I am lucky to avoid the crowd….. 2. Never enter a museum/or house attraction alone. 3. Always bring a flashlight with me.

(Photo Left: Doesn’t it look like they will suddenly turn their head and look at you?)

I recommend this place if you have children with you (they can run in the front and turn all the lights on for you) , or if you are a guy who is on the first date with your potential girlfriend (because she will hang on to you when she is scared). I would say never enter this place alone like me… X_X

Spirits of Monterey Wax Museum

Address:  700 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA.