I slowly opened my eyes today from a night of sleep, expecting to be blasted by the full sunshine and mid 80 degrees of heat…I was dead wrong.

Apparently summer does not last forever, temperature dropped wopping 20 degrees in one day, plus it was raining. I sighed.

You see, I was planning to go to the Ocean Beach because there are surfing events in San Francisco this week (and World Surfing Champion Kelly Slater is around town).

Rain means indoor for me, for I does not enjoy being wet out there, and I am sure my camera would agree.I began to desire for some tea.

When traveling and rain comes down, for me it means time to get inside, seat down by the window, get some tea and snacks, and watch the people on the street running for covers.

By mentioned afternoon tea, many would expect full on 3 tier dessert stand filled with scones, finger sized sandwiches, and cakes. While San Francisco has several places that serves traditional tea, one day I searched and decided to hit a new place in town: Roes Tea.

Positioned on the slight ouskirts of San Francisco (Near UCSF Medical School 7 Center), from the outside you might mistaken the place for a flower shop. Your guess may not be far off, they do sell flowers. To ensure I have the whole shop to myself and able to take photos, I walked in at the tender hour of 11am in the morning. Perfect time for brunch.

The girl, Joan, in the shop greeted me with a smile and told me I could sit anywhere. I was delighted to see colorful and blooming flower everywhere. As the glimpse of light comes into the shop, I cannot hide my smile in this cheerful and romantic setting. Minutes later, other customers came in, this time was a student-teacher pair coming here to have their regular French tutoring session.

Under the French music playing in the background, and the next table talking in French vividly, for a minute I did feel like I was somewhere else. Then the tea and the food came.

Instead of having an afternoon set, this place offer pots of tea with a small cake and jam on the side. I ordered ginger and lemon tea, and it came with almond cake and fig jam. Not to mention the flower that they offered along with the tea.

Another surprise was that they serve their sandwiches in full size, plus fresh and dry fruits, and nuts. With my weight and health in mind, I ordered a avocado sandwich that also has nuts, tomatoes, and cream in it.

While trying to be lady-like and not gobble up everything in 5 minutes, I also walked around the shop and looked around their counter where they have items you can buy home to treasure (or eat).

I ended up spending good 2 hours in the place. Even though it was hard to try to read in the shop because I was too excited by the food and all the little things they sell in the store, I loved the environment, especially watching people outside walking by. It is like I paused the time for a little, enjoy the present, and watched others rushing to the next destination in life.

So, do you like to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while traveling?

Rose Tea:

Address: 549 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

Phone:ย (415) 592-8174