Exploring San Francisco at this season can be fun, but also tedious at this season.

Take an example, for the past few days, I woke up seeing a slight sunshine peeking out the window, but then the clouds would be coming in in a couple hours, then it started pouring rain in the afternoon. Weather like this made me want to bring a lot of stuff just to save myself from a cold day.

So, what do I bring along with me for my daily exploration of the city San Francisco?

First I want to talk about the bag itself.

When I look to buy a bag, I always made sure:

1. It can at least accommodate a magazine. I am not going for a shopping trip, but going out to explore around. I need space in my bag for camera, sweater and more. Plus you never know when you want to bring a book along to read when taking a break at a cafe 

2. Good handles that ensures the bag is easy to carry. I always  prefer thicker handles for strong durability. I noticed when using a heavy bag with thinner handles, the handles might dig into your arms leaving red marks, now that is what you don’t need after a day outside running around. 

3. Somewhat fashionable. We are exploring in a metropolitan city, so a little bit of glam is not guilty.

Now thats look inside the bag.

Due to weather and other reasons, I bring quite a few stuff besides having no cosmetic bag.

1. Camera (The big Olympus I am borrowing, usually I hang it around my neck, but when I want to hide it, the bag can fit it perfectly =D)

2. Sweater (It gets cold at random times during the day in fall season)

3. Umbrella (Never know when it rains!)

4. Wallet (I have a big wallet, and that means I cannot simply put it in my pant’s pocket)

5. Cellphone (I buy cell phone by their camera quality ^^ Sony Ericsson with 10 megapixel phone camera, best replacement for taking photos just in case my camera fails!)

6. Lip Balm (I cannot live without one during winter. but if you ever forget your lip balm, you can always use the butter you get from the restaurants and wipe it on your lips as an emergency, and I am serious).

7. Flash Light (This flash light has saved my life many times. When Monterey had a major city-wide black out, this flash light guided me back to my hostel I was staying at. Another time is when I need to look for stuff in my bag in dark places).

8. Anti-Bacterial Wipes (Sometimes toilet stall runs out of seat covers….and that is when anti bacterial wipe comes in)

9. Keys (Got to have my keys to get home!)

(Photo Above: Everything fits in just fine! =D Now we can go out)

So what do you bring in your bag when exploring a new city?