Hello Ladies and Gents.

Sorry for the week of almost no posts. I just finished my final exam for a class this Wednesday, and also organized a lot of details for my upcoming trip.

During December I will be traveling to Japan and Taiwan for almost a month. I will be writing live from both countries with lots of photos and interesting stories =)

For Japan I will be going to Tokyo again. I have always heard that Tokyo is really pretty near Christmas time with all the decorative lights, so I am very excited. This time I plan to stay in Shinjuku instead, hopefully in Washington Hotel if they have space! Another place I will be visiting again is Shiojiri (the halfway point between Tokyo and Osaka). I heard there will be snow there in December, so I got my snow gears ready!

For Taiwan, because I am mainly visiting my family, I will be reporting mostly about the interesting and unique food they have. Get ready for stuff like pig blood soup, chicken blood rice cake…etc. (I know you are making a face while reading this ~ )

I shall start writing again this weekend since I finished my final exam, most of other school work, and partied tonight. I am ready for more travel adventure! (stretch ~)