“Where ever there are people, there are desserts.” 

Matsumoto is no exception.

As Christmas season is to share things you love with your family and friends, I want to share a place that sells awesome desserts in Matsumoto City.

I was walking around city and my stomach felt a bit empty: like it needs something to sooth my mind. I went to the Parco, the only department store in Matsumoto, hoping to find something to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I somehow ended up entering from the back entrance of the department store, and immediately 5 Horn’s glass counter sucked me towards its direction.

5 Horn is owned by Kamikochi Gosenjaku Corporation. Kamikochi Gosenjaku is in the business of hospitality, and owns a hotel, a lodge, and several restaurants. The hotel and lodge of the corporation are located at Chubu Sangaku National Park, in the western part of Nagano, where the 18th Winter Olympic Games was held.

As I stared at the counter and its menu, my eyes shined. Without patience nor self control, I ordered 2 fruit tarts to go.

First one is the pear fruit tart. As a December limited edition tart, the fresh pear is sugar coated, then a circle of pudding flavored cream filled the sides of the tart. The pear melted in my mouth, almost no chewing was necessary. The pudding cream part was light and fluffy, like marshmallow.

Then there is the Strawberry tart, another limited edition tart in the store. The bottom was the bread pudding foundation, the middle there was a cheese layer, then on top the strawberries and blueberries filled all the space available.

As I took a bite into the strawberry, to my surprise the inside was fresh, juicy, and naturally sweet. The cheese cream layer was mild, as to not overpowering the strawberries’ taste. The bread pudding foundation was moist and soft, just the way I like it!

After finishing these two tarts, I smiled with satisfaction, cleaned up the mess, pretend nothing has happened so JL will not notice what I ate when he is back from class. (He points at my belly whenever I am drooling for desserts.)

Besides the wonderful desserts (with over 5 different cakes/tarts every season), 5 Horn also has a full lunch and dinner menu with dine-in option. So if you are in Matsumoto for a visit, check out 5 Horn in Parco on the first floor by the back entrance.

5 Horn Website: http://5horn.jp/cake/

5 Horn Address (In Parco Dept Store): 長野県松本市中央1-10-30 松本パルコ内1F.