I was hungry again….

I know, I look like I a constantly snacking.

And have a dangerously almost growing belly.

But I was hungry, especially after smelling something good in the air while walking around Dragon Temple in Lukang town (Please Click Here for Post about Dragon Temple).

Passing through the side gate right by the fireplace in Lukang Dragon Temple where people use to burn paper money as offerings (in the photo left), I saw something that made me drool in this cold winter weather at the end of the alley: Meat Buns.

Meat Buns, known in Chinese as Baozi/包子 and in Japanese as Nikuman, is a Chinese cuisine steamed with Chinese bread on the outside and either meat or vegetable fillings in the inside. The cuisine has spread to many parts of Asia such as Japan and Malaysia, and often are ate as breakfast or an afternoon snack.

When the store guys opened the cover of the bamboo pots, steam shot to the roof, and the pearly white buns underneath was revealed.

The buns were freshly made and steamed, as you can see at the back of the shop, the guys are working hard on making the buns by hand! (It is interesting to see the whole shop is full of guys, because usually in Taiwan they would have a pretty girl or two at the front of the shop XD)

While I was snapping my photos away, 10 people already got in line, and each of them ordered like 1-4 boxes (12 buns in each box) of meat buns.

Seeing my baozi going away so fast, I ditched my photography attempt, and got in line before all the meat buns disappears before me.

Oooohh, I am still drooling about it now thinking back. The bun part was warm, soft, with layers. The meat part was soft, juicy, filled with aroma of marinates, mushroom, and no fat (I don’t like fatty meat). My body warmed up as I devoured the meat bun, it felt like I did not need dinner anymore.

For just under $1 dollar (USD) you can enjoy a warm, steaming meat bun in Taiwan.

P.S. This shop in Lukang is closed every Monday. If you find it ^_^