As new year is here, I want to share some happy news.

First I want to thank Photos From Loonybin nominating me for Kreative Blogger Award. It is a great honor to see people who like my blog, and read my posts. As I been writing for couple months now, every time I see someone who likes my post or comments on my post, it gives me power to go on and work harder to improve for better.


Kreative Blogger Award started in 2008 when an Norwegian Lady named Hulda uses fabrics to create the first Kreative Blogger logo, and gave it to her sister and 3 other friends who she thought are creative. Her sister and friends passed the logo on to other bloggers whom they liked, and thus the trend began.

Today the Kreative Blogger Award logo has evolved, and along with the award that comes with some rules:

  • The Kreativ Blogger image must be displayed on the blog.
  • The nominator must be acknowledged.
  • The recipient must state ten things about himself that his readers probably don’t know.
  • The recipient must pass the award along by nominating at least six blogs to receive the award.

So 10 Things About Me:

  1. When I travel I eat at least one dessert a day if not two.
  2. I actually went to Japan 2 other times without telling anyone in my family and my workplace (I did tell my boss I will be away those dates). No one knew till I came back.
  3. The highest number of times I been flying on an airplane in a year is 8 times.
  4. There was a time when I only spend $25 dollars a week on food for a year in order to save money while in college.
  5. I prefer action movies more than any other type.
  6. I did not watch Twilight the movie series.
  7. I was a hardcore World of Warcraft video gamer (7 days a week, 4-5 hours a day) =)
  8. I use to blog in Chinese, without knowing how to type in Chinese.
  9. I am happy I was never in ESL class before because I learned English a lot faster than my other friends who immigrate to western countries.
  10. My favorite food of all time is potstickers.

For 6 blogs I want to nominate, I am happy & proud to say that I read those blogs on weekly basis and always find something interesting.  I don’t usually put other people’s link on my blog, as I am very picky about that, so this will be one of the rare times I share the blogs I read with others.These bloggers are the ones I admire:

  1. The Travel Chica
  2. A Lot of Wind
  3. Devour the World
  4. Adventures With Ben
  5. StruxTravel
  6. Technosyncratic Travel

Thank you again for the award nomination, and Happy New Year Ladies and Gents ^_^