Don’t you have something you love collecting when traveling? Very unwilling to throw away? And have to get more when the chance appears?

I do.

Though not at a hoarder status (I don’t think), for every country/place I visit, there is a different thing I like to obtain. Sometimes it is because the item is so cool/good that I have to stock up, sometimes….for no reason at all.

Here are 3 items I love to “stock up” when I am in Japan:

1. Tissue Paper

Advertisement can never get better/useful in Japan. Usually when we get  random flyers in USA, we immediately throw them away without even looking at it. Well, Japanese found a way for people to have to look at their advertisement again and again: Print advertisement on their tissue paper package.Very smart since you will be looking at those advertisement multiple times till you finish using the tissues.

Every day at Shinjuku Station, there are about 5 guys and girls handing out tissue paper packages for free!! On the packages there are advertisement like for host clubs, pubs, marriage club…etc.

I had a hard time controlling myself not to accept those tissue packages. For some reason I feel like I am missing out if I don’t get handed one on the streets of Japan.  In the end when I left Japan, I have collected about 30-40 packets of tissue papers…and I actually took them all back to America O_O (I think the bad economic and higher cost of living are influencing my travel habit =P )

2. Chopsticks!

(Photo Above: Lacquered Chopsticks and pencil shaped chopsticks from Japan)

We Asians, can never have too many chopsticks. Though chopsticks originally came from China, different countries now have different designs, decorations, and size of chopsticks.

Japan sells lots of lacquer-decorated chopsticks, and also new, creative chopsticks. I cannot resist on the temptation, and began collecting chopsticks about 5 years ago. Now I hide my chopsticks (and tea cups) when my mother visits me in USA, or else she will faint upon seeing my large collection of such items.

3. Anime Items from Convenient Store

(Photo Above: Anime “K-On” Summer Edition Instant Noodle)

I do have a thing or two about anime and video games, and Japan happens to be the heaven for lovers of these two. Convenient stores in Japan regularly sells “limited edition” anime items and food like: lunch box, tea cans, instant noodles, cookies….and more.

(Photo Above: Final Fantasy Potato Sticks)

Since they always label anime items as “limited edition,” I feel the urge to get it because those things might not be there next time when I am back (I know….excuses, excuses), plus the bragging rights I get when sharing what I got in Japan to my friends online. Eventually I spend about $30-$40 USD on anime items in convenient stores every time I visit Japan.

So, please don’t make me feel alone here, share if you like to collect certain things when traveling ~ XD