Every time I am in Japan, I buy lots of omiyage for myself. I know, I may sound selfish, but those yummy treats are hard to share. This time I got something old, something new to share with everyone.

1. Celebrating Anniversary.

If you traveled to Tokyo recently, you may have noticed that Tokyo Banana looks slightly different. That is right! In order to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Tokyo Banana has slipped into new wrappings, and with a special gift enclosed inside to thank everyone for supporting them.

Depending on your luck, you may find either a red or blue ribboned Tokyo Banana cell phone charm included in the box set of 8 Tokyo Bananas.

So far out of the 3 boxes I bought, 2 boxes came with the red charm, one with the blue charm. Get it if you see it, because who knows when they will take this anniversary edition of Tokyo Banana gift box off the shelves.

And I have to say, doesn’t the dotted ribbon on Tokyo Banana remind you of some Disney Character?

2. For Those Who Likes to Have a Choice

If you don’t like the soft, spongy cake form of Tokyo Banana, they also provide a gift box set of Tokyo Banana Cookies.

Instead of the cake on the outside, the buttery & creamy cookies encloses the rich banana flavor cream in the inside.

I find them perfect with black tea or grey earl.

I know Shinjuku JR station’s convenient store sells it. Has not seen it in the airport yet so far.

3. For Those Who Likes To Give a Break

Last time I feel bad not having a close up shot of the special, limited edition KitKat Bars. This time I actually bought a box just for fun, and it happens to be “spicy” KitKat Bar. This is a funny, gimmick souvenir gift you can hand out to your coworkers who has a good sense of humor, or friends in school. Definitely a conversation starter piece too.

Notice the box has two Kanji words “限定” on the top left corner, which also means they only sell this flavor in certain parts of Japan. So next time if you see an omiyage box with “XXX限定,” better get it while you are still in the area, because you might not find those in the airport’s souvenir shops.

4. For Those Who Likes FruitsOr like to think they are eating fruits. Again there are the two Kanji words “限定” on the top left side of the box, means this is sold in only certain areas in Japan. I bought this box of chewy gummy candy in Nagano, where apple is one of the main fruits they produce. The box comes with 5 sticks of yummy apple flavored candies, great to hand out to children or adults who has sweet tooth.

5. This is For Yourself.

You might not be able to take this home because it has actual fruit inside (really depends on how nice or mean your country’s customs is). But! You can make your friends jealous by showing a photo of you eating this delicious fruit treat.

Ringo Pai/ Apple Pie can be bought in the train station’s convenient store at Shiojiri. And no, it is not your usual flat piece of apple pie.

Check this out! They actually have the entire apple wrapped inside the crispy bread crust. Somehow the apple still retains its juiciness, and makes me feel not as guilty eating this since it is actual fruit. =D