* Lunar New Year is fast approaching! This is the week to clean up your entire house as a symbolic gesture of “Kicking out the old, bring in the new and good fortune.” As I was trying to clean up my photo files, I stumble upon something that I thought I should share.

Taiwan is a land full of interesting culture and creations, and so it reflects on the stuff they sell in shops and markets. I bought several things during my trip that made me giggle like a little girl when I look at them.

1. Anyone Need a “Biagra” ?Remember the little blue pills that promise to give guys endless “energy” to ummm, woo their significant other with love? Well, may I present “Biagra,” the cousin to “Viagra,” who promises to give you a boost of energy by not hormones, but Vitamin C. Not only the name stirkes the resemblance, the almost perfect little blue pills holds the highest quality of ingredients.

*But ohhh, I will tell you now that this pill definitely will not give you the “culinary experience”  for high end medication.

2. Textbook Never Tastes BetterMemories came back when I saw this candy box. The cover of the box is actually almost the same elementary school’s mandarin language textbook cover in Taiwan! The only thing changed is the publisher.

3. Boredom = Creativity

Did you ever draw in your notebook when you are bored in class or while doing homework? I certainly did, and even drew on my test papers before. Which is why I giggled when I saw this candy box.

This is actually how the middle school’s weekly diary looks like. Often students in Taiwan has this booklet for winter/summer vacations, where they are required to write about their daily life. To replicate what many youngsters do to the booklet, the candy box comes with extra “creations” on it.

4. Talk About Crude

Before I go on any further, please remain calm with a “not so serious” mind. This is for entertainment purpose, not to be taken seriously.

If you can read the Kanji/or Mandarin writing, you might be laughing and slapping your thighs already….shhhhh

This is one of toothpaste with names that some may cry “foul” in America (But trust me this is not the worst). The name of this bright color toothpaste is

“White People Toothpaste”….literally.

Don’t take it the wrong way, I think they name the toothpaste like this because they admire someone…..

Have a good weekend !  And see ya next week!