Every time when I travel somewhere, there are lots of things, places, food I want to share. Believe me I wish I can write a book about everything I see, touch, eat in like a day.

However, in the reality of the cruel, travel blogging world, not everything makes their way into blog posts.

Reasons may vary: not enough photos, too hard to find, not at a convenient location, not enough information about them…etc etc.

But ! Not dedicating a post about them does not mean they are bad, just may be not this time. So please, look through the photos to see what did not make the final cut into the blog for my winter Japan trip. (If you guys see something you like and let me know, I will collect more info and photos about them for next time ^^.)Β 

Β ~ Food ~(Photo Above: Mystery Cake Place @Shinjuku, Tokyo)

(Photo Above: Mystery “cup” cake place @Shinjuku, Tokyo)

(Photo Above: Quality, budget Tempura Don under $6USD @Shinjuku, Tokyo. )

(Photo Above: Oiliest but Awesome Ramen @Shiojiri, Nagano)

~ Places ~

(Photo Above: A cafe I did not get to go in this time @ Akihabara, Tokyo)

(Photo Above: Electronic vs. “X-rated” Streets @Akihabara, Tokyo)

(Photo Above: Market & Streets @Matsumoto, Nagano)

(Photo Above: Winter Wonderland @Shiojiri, Nagano)

(Photo Above: Places & Logos that reminds me of something @Tokyo)