Ahhh ~ The white snow, the decoration lights, girls in mini skirts still…

Wait! Girls in Mini skirts? In a weather that is below five degree Celsius?

I am not joking ladies and gents. Japanese school girls still wear mini skirts during the brutal winter weather, and they are not shivering as they walk by.

I thought they were made out of steel, until I went to the Japanese drug stores and see many little “aides” one can use during winter ~ And now I want to spill some of those secrets to make your winter travel in Japan just a little better ^_^ (If you click on the photos you will see the enlarged versions too!)

1. Disposable Sticky Hot Pads

Yes! They sell tons of different disposable hot pads at the drug stores in Japan. Those pads claim to reach about 40 degrees Celsius, some lasts 24 hours.

Many girls stick a pad or two on their skirts in the inside, some stick it in their boots to keep their legs warm. I just like to hold one in my hand to keep my hands warm. If you have sensitive skin, please test one out first. I do not recommend sleeping with those sticking on your shirt. I tried that before and my stomach turned bright red like I got branded since I was sleeping on my stomach (and woke up sweating too, not very sexy).

2. Anti-Static Spray

Ouch! Ouch! I cringe when I touch a metal door handle in Japan. Because the weather in Japan is very very dry, statics happen every time I touch the door, the windows, and every other thing I can touch….

I was smiling when I found their anti-static spray in their supermarket right around the area where they sell the clothing detergents. It was like a gift from God, and I spray it religiously on my clothes before I wear them. (Note* In my experience, wool, cashmere, nylon clothing are also more prone to statics)

If you have sensitive skin, test on only a small part of the clothing first!

3. Mmm, Warm Eye Pads

Tired from walking around all day? Want to take a nap and relax?

I found this amazing disposable warm eye pad, perfect for napping in winter weather.

The eye pads has several “flavors” like lavender, chamomile….so far I like the smell of chamomile the best! You simple just open the package, hook the sides onto your ears with the purple side facing out, then you are ready for a relaxing nap! (I think my Tama-chan enjoys the eye pads too!)

4. Armpit Pads

Ipad, Eyepad, now Armpit pads (Pad is the new “it” I guess).

This is one thing very useful during winter and summer. Normally I wear a lot clothing during winter, like a shirt, a sweater, then a jacket. However, when I start running in my winter outfit or when I walk into a heated room, I start to sweat. Yes, sweat marks can be embarrassing, and especially awful when you take off your jacket and you feel that chilling breeze blowing by your armpits.

Well, Japanese invented armpit pads. Just simple open the package, peel of that pad, and stick in on the inside of your shirt where your armpit would be, then there ~ the pad will soak up all the sweat for you. No more blushing moments when your take off your jacket or raise your hand next time!

Have you found little things that make your winter travel a lot easier? Please share the goods so we can stop shivering =D