Every time when I visit Taiwan, I would go make my round in TaiChung city to visit my “must eat” restaurants. If I do not get to eat at those restaurants, it would feel like my trip is incomplete. Noodles Everyday is a rather new one on my list (2 years!).

Noodles Everyday is not a rundown tiny restaurant in the alley, it is not a street food stand, it is not a 5 star fancy restaurant either. You will not find fried rice, sweet and sour chicken or orange chicken here either. However! This is a place for dumplings, appetizers and small eat lovers!!

Noodles Everyday/天天見麵 began in 2008, when two chefs came back to Taiwan after a year of intensive noodle making boot camp in China. They got the skills, the experience, and they had a dream. Their vision is to offer Chinese noodles and appetizers in a modern, clean, and hip restaurant.

In 2 years of time, their food got so popular, customers demanded they get a bigger place for the restaurant or else the waiting line was getting too long. This time their new place has high rise ceiling, open windows for customers to see inside the kitchen, a row of waiters standing by at all times, with more tables and chairs.

I was amazed at the number of waiters and waitresses standing at one side of the room. With all of them observing the customers and ready to be there at all times, I know I will not have a problem trying to find one if anything is wrong!

After ordering the noodles and dumplings from our seat, we made our way to the appetizers counter where we can take any appetizers we want (each plate is about $1-$2 USD). First one we got is dates with rice cake in the middle. (Photo Above). The dates & mochi is a sweet dish, very tender and has a unique after taste.

(Photo Above) The we picked up steamed asparagus with garlic sauce. It was a rather light dish and very refreshing.

(Photo Above) We were not just going to stop there, my family loves their appetizers, and this time is stewed brown bean curd.

Last but not least, before we felt stuffed (Wait! How about the main course?), we got another bean curd dish. This one is steam bean curd noodles with carrots, mixed lightly with vinegar.

(Photo Above) Even though this shop is about noodles, their dumplings and shiao long bao are heavenly. Look at that steamed dumpling with the perfect thin layer of “skin”, with tender meat stuffing filled with soup.

(Photo Above) Finally, my beef noodle soup came. The beef pieces were big, tender, melts in your mouth, and moist. The noodles were cooked right and in good size portion. However, their soup base is not the best I have tasted in Taiwan, yet at an acceptable level I guess. A bowl of noodle is about $5 USD. I recommend share your noodles with someone else if you plan to try lots of different appetizers!

In the end, we can conclude that I had a little too much fun picking out all the appetizers, and went a bit overboard. I need to save more stomach for all the dumplings they sell, and may be not being so selfish and try to eat the whole bowl of noodle by myself (could not stand up for 30 minutes after ~)

*Their menu has food photos in there, so ordering would not be a problem for people who does not read traditional Chinese. We actually saw several tables of European families that night with children ^_^

Do you have a list of “Must Eat” places when you go visit your hometown?

Noodles Everyday/天天見麵 Address: 台中市南屯區大墩12街126號/ TaiChung City, Dadun 12th Street #126

Public Transportation: (Bus Stop – 東興路口 /Dongxing Intersection) UBus #81. 台中客運/TaiChung Bus #107(光復新村-黎明新村) and #27(台中車站-嶺東科技大學).