At the Famous Haunted Hotel: Queen Anne Hotel Lobby (San Francisco)

I am not sure if you ever had this experience, you secretly cheered yourself for scoring a cheap, last minute deal on a hotel/motel room, but when you entered the room for the first time, you can feel the hair on your neck standing up, or you can feel something is watching you….(wooo, spooky). I had my own personal experience before: I stayed at a hotel where the glass cups make clinking sounds at night. I was young, naive, and tired, so I fell asleep after listening to it for 10 minutes. It was only after a couple days when I thought about it…..then I got goosebumps. After that experience, I asked the tour guides about haunted rooms & related superstition, and I got an earful of all the juicy, adrenaline pumping stories….

Many tour guides in Asia have their own superstitions they follow in order to enjoy a peaceful night of slumber.  All the tips and “procedures” are passed down orally in Taiwan, China, Singapore…and other countries in Asia. Mostly people who believes in Taoism and Buddhism would somewhat follow this guide.

So here we go:

1. Knock 3 Times Before Entering.

You may be excited to open that door for that awesome, fun “tada~!” moment to see your room~ But hold on there….you may not want to barge into your ghostly friend’s congregation right away. Knock 3 times first or pray “Excuse me, I am only passing for ____nights.” first. It is being respectful and informing the possible “ghosts” in there that you are coming.

2. Let the Yen Come In

Sorry, the yen here is not Japanese dollar, it is about the positive energy. Before you open your luggage and jump on that soft, king size bed with joy, open all the curtains, windows, turn on the lights in the room. You want to get some light into the room, have some fresh air flowing in, and let the positive energy to come into the room. (Apparently ghosts like to sneak into people’s luggage to follow them home if not careful…)

3. Flush The Toilet Before First Usage

The idea is to move the air and energy in the room. As you flush your toilet before your first usage, you are flushing out any possible negative energies in the bathroom. Honestly having an extra ghostly peeping Tom while you shower is not a comfortable idea….

4. Shoes Need Not In Order

If you like the sense of order and being organized, this tip might drive you nuts. Do you like to place your slippers neatly along side your bed before sleeping? If you do, a friendly ghost may find its way onto you in bed. Before you sleep, make sure your shoes and slippers are not all pointing at the same direction. Apparently ghosts use the direction of where the shoes are pointing as a way to track you down on bed. So have the shoes facing opposite ways (or just throw them randomly to the side ) will confuse the ghosts about where you are.

5. The Bible is Not For Reading

Often hotels like to leave a Bible in the drawers somewhere in the room. Yes many information online point that tradition to the Gideon’s group who distribute bibles in hotels. However, in Asia we got another explanation: it is a safety and good luck charm. The Bible is usually not on the desk for your enjoyment, rather they are stored at a place not seem right away. Leave the Bible where it is, and don’t open and read it out loud unless you are playing exorcism. We like to say Hotels have the Bibles as a tradition, or rather a good luck charm sometimes. If you enter a hotel room with a Bible on the table and open….it means you might have a “roommate” sharing the room with you tonight….eeeek.

These are just some common superstitions I read online (on Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Chinese websites). Every country has their own superstitions when it comes to hotel rooms and traveling (I read a lot of posts about Thailand especially!!). Believe in what you will and what works for you the best. If you are honestly scared of ghosts, research online about the hotels prior to the visit. I saw lots of “haunted hotels” lists for different Asian countries, and each have their own story. If you are with a tour group in Asia (and the tour guide is Asian), feel free to ask the tour guides about these kind of things, I bet they will have lots of interesting stories in store for you to hear =D

Have you ever stayed in a haunted hotel room before? Or do you have your own superstition you like to share?

Happy Travels ~