He came back this month from Japan, hungry for some real cheese, real burgers, real meat. There is no questions why my happiness and weight goes up in unison with all the snacking.

One of the must eat for a student who grew up locally but now trapped in another land for majority of the year is steak. The authentic pink, juicy, soft, medium rare piece of meat is not a common sight in Japan (plus restaurants here serve bigger portion of the steak). We searched for a steak house around San Mateo, and got Porterhouse Restaurant on our list with its $35 set menu.

We almost did not get to have our $35 set menu meal though. We arrived with 6 people total, and when we asked for the $35 value menu, the waiter shook his head at first, “This is only for party of 4 and under usually” he said. “Oh no….” we all gasped. “Usually with more than 4 people per party you can call ahead and we will still give you the $35 menu set” he looked around the restaurant which was empty besides us, “But today you guys can go ahead and order it, just that remember to call in first next time” Bingo!

$35 set menu includes 3 courses.

For the first course I picked onion soup. The portion is smaller when compare with other restaurants, but that is a good thing for me. Their cheese on top is actually crispy on the outside, creates layers of texture that one would enjoy.

For the second course, instead of getting a steak, I picked Filet Mignon. I think their meat is flavored well, very soft and juicy. The twice baked potato was awesome! I don’t know how they stuff the potato back in that shape, and how they make it so I would never feel oily or fat eating it all.

I do have a photo of how the steak looks like (though not a good one since my hands were shaking). It was a decent portion of steak. Slightly less “juice” on this one, but he who ordered it still ate it all.

For dessert out of all options (there are like 4 or 5 options), I picked their bread pudding. Drizzled strawberry jam on the side, cream on top, caramel on the bottom, the warm bread pudding is actually the most popular dessert here (many people on Yelp mentioned about their bread pudding). The indulgence of sugar high with this dessert certainly made me forget about thoughts of dieting for that moment.

So if you are looking for a restaurant that serves value menu, Porterhouse is the way to go. Might have to open your eyes wide when finding it because it is nestled in a weird office looking building.

Website: http://www.porterhousesanmateo.com/

Address: 60 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

Phone: (650) 579-5911