No, there are no fairies, witches, prince on a white horse, and pretty princess. We are talking about a place (or a hole in the wall) called Kingdom of Dumplings in San Francisco.

I may not be able to eat rice or noodles everyday, but I sure had a long streak of eating dumplings everyday for at least one time a day for a month. And I am still loving dumplings. The dumpling’s history in China goes back Sung Dynasty (in Northern part of the country). As the Spring Festival marks the start of a new year, people eat dumplings to connote their wishes for good fortune in the new year. 

What makes a good dumpling? 1. The outside skin: it cannot be soggy, too thin or too thick. 2. The filling: Cannot use cheap meat with lots of irregular textures, has to have the right combo of ingredients that will bring the flavor of the dumpling out. 3. The broth: if you cook it well (no broken dumplings), as you bite into the dumpling, the soup inside and flavor should explode in your month with Alleluia.Honestly so far I have been to many Chinese restaurants here in San Francisco that either cheap out on the meat, or their dumplings are too dry.

So when I saw Kingdom of Dumplings near my neighborhood, my eyes shined. Upon some research, I found out the restaurant owner mentioned they have the a large variety of dumplings around (with over 20 flavors), every dumpling is hand made, with fresh ingredients delivered daily to their store. That sounds promising enough, and soon I found myself sitting in their tiny yet full restaurant with 20 other customers.

For appetizer, I ordered peanuts and cucumber. The crispy, fresh cucumbers are marinated with seasoned peanuts in the sesame oil. The refreshing taste of the dish stired up my appetite.

Then I ordered a green onion pancake as a habit. Northerners in China are famous for their flour dishes, and I want to see if their onion pancake is different from other restaurants around. I enjoyed their pancake very much. Instead of deep oil friend pancake, these are pan-friend with the emphasis on the texture and chewiness of the pancake.

Then the main star came….

The ever beautiful pearly white dumplings came to my table while still steaming hot. I took a deep breath, enjoying the view of whats in front of me.

As I bit into my pork and corn dumplings, the broth rushed into my mouth with aromatic flavors. The skin of the dumpling was perfect: no broken pieces, not too thick, and not too thine. The combination of pork and corn was like the winning combination to me: they brought out the sweetness of the corn, and enhanced the flavor of the pork without any extra seasoning.

I definitely finished my plate clean that day…..planning on when I should visit again in the following week…

Who would want to be a vampire when you can eat good food like this? XD (Jk jk, just making fun of my friends who are still into their Twilight stuff)

  • Please go either early or later (away from the main meal times), it gets really crowded.
  • The restaurant is tiny in the inside, and can get pretty hot, so wear something thin.
  • They do prefer cash, just like any other Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco. So ask first if you can pay by card (Some places don’t take cards).

Kingdom of Dumplings Address: 1713 Taraval St
(between 27th Ave & 28th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94116

Accessible by Muni’s “L Taraval” line.

Hours: Tue-Sat 11:30 am – 10 pm, Sun 9 am – 9:30 pm