Last month, while searching a flight for my up coming Japan trip, I encountered a situation that made me want to shred my airline membership card.

I usually stick with certain airlines when flying because of my trust in their service quality, safety, and fair price. But this time, I had to change airline.

I went on to a specific airline website, typed in dates for my trip, and clicked “submit.” The first thing that made me gulp was the price. $1700 dollars…..

For $1700 dollars last year, I could have got airline tickets, booked my hotel for 3 nights, and even buy a round trip train ticket from airport to Tokyo.Fine, I get it, things are more expensive now. But!

That’s Not All….

That $1700 dollars trip actually was not using the airplanes from the same airline. Going there was their airplane alright, coming back was served by another airline…an airline with the service quality that does not match the other. Plus this “another airline” has drastically cheaper ticket price if you buy them from their own website.

Are you freaking kidding me? You think consumers are stupid?

You can combine flights all you want with another airlines, it’s actually okay. What is not okay is that when you combine with another airline, whose price is suppose to be much lower, but still selling the seats at a more expensive rate on your own website. Rip off I say, rip off! I am nice enough to not disclose any names for now….

Needless to say, I had to turn to my other choice of airline this time. Hey, even though the other airline’s arrival time is not great, their plane ticket is $1200 dollars…a bit better.

My Advice for Booking International Flights right now?

Research, compare, and be careful. Always look at the details to see if the airline you are using is doing combined flights, and with which airline. Look around at other airlines too to get a sense of the ticket price before making a decision.

What do you think about airlines that does combined flights?