While he was snoring in the sweet slumber, I looked outside the window with the sun smiling down to the country side of Matsumoto, Japan. Feeling a a bit left out if I stay indoor during this beautiful weather, I quietly took my camera, wallet, a bottle of water, and tip toe out the door way. Time to go people watch…no, go to Arts & Crafts Fair at Matsumoto City!

Arts & Crafts Fair at Matsumoto City happens once a year during May in the Agatanomori Park (20minutes by foot from train station). Artists from all over Japan gathers to exhibit and sell their crafts here in the outdoor setting of the park. Families and students would come out to enjoy the nice pre-summer weather, while enjoying looking at the newest creations by the artists. For me, at first I thought I was here to enjoys the crafts (and hoping to take one something), but it turns out I somehow automatically point my camera at where people are.

When I arrived at around 11:30 am, I was secretly cheering myself for arriving so early, and probably will have all the room I want to take photos….

Yet it was not so …. turns out people here wakes up early, and love enjoying the sun during the weekends…So many times when I was originally going to take photos of the crafts, I found what people are wearing more interesting. You can say I am a people person I guess ~

Unlike in Tokyo where many girls wear 2-3 layers of fake eye lashes and super bleached golden hair, people here seems rather down to earth with their fluffy cotton dresses and straw hats covering their natural black hair. Another popular fashion accessory is umbrellas. So many ladies walk around with umbrellas under the sun….probably not good when there are lots of people around. Though I have to admit, using an umbrella to block the sun away from your face works a lot better than a hat (minus the hat hair later too).

Okay, back to real business here. The crafts here at the fair are all hand made. Most of the items are within the price of $50 – $500 USD. I saw many pots, cups, plates, and housing decoration items. I also noticed, sometimes the most unexpected items are the most expensive. The pot on the left hand side of the photo above costs more than $300 USD….eek.

There are things I found amusing though. The cups and bowls above have that cracked egg shell pattern showing when the light shines through them.

And the miniature boats and apartments that attracted many girls and ladies alike.

And if you are into knitting, weaving, etc, they also have lots of different materials onsite. I was a bit scared to touch that (in the photo above). It looked a bit like tangled hair…..(shivers)

In the end, my hands slipped and I bought a golden leaf necklace =D

For more photos from the fair, please visit my Flickr page: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjzFwxRj

Arts & Crafts Fair of Matsumoto City: Last Weekend of May.

Location: Agatanomori Park, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Public Transportation: Super Azusa (From Shinjuku, Tokyo), Local JR Trains (JR篠ノ井線)