On the way to the craft fair, a girl holding a sign with a loud voice caught my attention. I walked towards the source of the voice, and then the aroma of food hit me. My stomach started growling, and I promised myself that after the food fair, I would come back to check out what is this all about. And at 12:45pm, I did come back to Gen Macrobiotic Kitchen.

Upon entering the restaurant, it felt like I went back in time to Japan in the old days. Everything was made out of wood, lots of Japanese calligraphy posting on the walls, stacks of old books, antique wooden tables and chairs. Definitely had that country-side, old grandparents’ house element in it.

The menu was basically this poster board. There were two choices (pardon me my poor Japanese skills so I got no name for the food). Upon some guessing from the pictures, one is the vegetable rice bowl, and the other one is some fried item, glazed onions, with tiny bit of veggies on top. I ordered the fried item one by pointing at it to a waitress.

Ta~Da~ This is how my meal looked like. The fried donut shape item was on top of the glazed onions and brown rice. When I bit into the fried thing, I still could not tell what it was. The flavor was good….the texture was soft and melts in my mouth….but I could not tell what it was O_O The soup had mushrooms and carrots in it. I finished my food fast and  was satisfied, but I still have no idea what I just ate.

Turns out, Gen Macrobiotic Kitchen is a vegetarian restaurant that serves fresh, organic food. Everything is made out of tofu or other vegetables from the local farms, even the pieces that looks like meat. Apparently it is the only one of the handful vegetarian restaurants in the city. I felt a bit relieved after learning this from my research because I thought I ate horse meat (horse meat is a popular local delicacy here).

If you do not have time to sit inside, they also sell food for take outs during lunch time.

Gen Macrobiotic Restaurant is 15minutes away from the train station by foot. Pretty easy to find since it is on the main street (just walk straight ahead starting from the train station, it will be on the left side of the street). So next time when you are visiting Matsumoto and want something alternative and healthy, come check out Gen Macrobiotic Restaurant. (
And tell me what that fried thing is..)

Address: 4丁目-1−1 Chuo, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture 390-0811, Japan (きっちん ゲン gen マクロビオティック)

Map Link (From Matsumoto Station to Gen Restaurant): http://goo.gl/maps/pX92