If you like eggs, stir fried rice, and exotic sauces, then Japan has a perfect treat for you: OmuRice (short name for Omelet Rice). Omurice is one of the popular fusion food in Japan, and often are seen in western diners. A thin layer of egg wrapped around fried rice in an oval shape, and traditionally paired with ketchup sauce on top.

As time goes on, the food also evolved, and so did Omurice. Instead of the regular ketchup sauce on top, now restaurants got fancy and put Alfredo sauce, seaweed, or anything they can think of on top. I was lucky that we have friends with cars in Japan, and took us to a rather fancy restaurant specialized in Omurice called Pomunoki/ポムの樹.

Pomunoki is a rather stylish restaurants decorated with white leather seats and wooden floors and walls. They offer about 18-20 different types of omurice, from original omelet rice with ketchup to baked seafood omurice with cheese on top. There are also options like if you want Small or XL portions, which is perfect for those who wants to eat more or less. Another good thing about Pomunoki is that they are chain restaurants, so you can find it in most major cities of Japan.

Without further delay, thats look at what we ordered.

This was one of their specials where three sauces were on top of the omelet rice. I think the bottom one was the Japanese curry , and then some Alfredo and cheese on top.

This one above has Japanese hamburger sauce and white sauce on top. This is a small portion.

(Above)Cheddar cheese with broccoli. Don’t underestimate the food portions in this restaurant. Though it was a small size portion, somehow I was really full after eating this. We got friends who thought they were cool and ordered XL size. After 10 minutes, they quietly released the first button of the pants, held their stomach, and looked rather painful every bite after.

A closer look at the omurice (Above). Omurice is also one of the dishes that Japanese girls will make for their boyfriends when dating. Girls will use ketchup to decorate the omelet with the guy’s name and heart shape patterns. For the lonely souls who have yet to find their other half, maid cafe often provide the same service on their omelet rice meal.

Omurice is definitely one of those dishes that you have to try once in Japan. Prices for omelet rice may vary (depends on the quality of the ingredients). Like at Pomunoki each person may spend about $1200-$1800 yen (about $15-20 USD), while in Ginza District of Tokyo the price for omelet rice may be higher.

Though we went to the one in Matsumoto, I found the Pomunoki’s Tokyo address below for those who are interested!

Website Click Here: Pomunoki/ポムの樹

Tokyo Address:  Aqua City Mall,1-7-1 Daiba, Minato, Tokyo Prefecture 135-0091, Japan (135-8707 東京都港区台場1-7-1 アクアシティお台場)

Map Link: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/a858123/lang/en/map

Public Transportation: JR埼京線 towards 新木場 (also known as りんかい線 after the stop 大崎駅, please stay on board to get to destination)