May is a good time to visit Japan, not too hot, not too cold, flowers blooming, birds singing…..BUT! The occasional spill of rain and wind can make anyone not want to be outside for that day.

Because I stayed in someone’s school dorm, and it is in the country side where the farms surrounds the school with sweet scents of grapes, there aren’t exactly restaurants nearby. (School cafeteria can get pretty bad during the weekend too). I thought we were doomed and have to eat in our soggy pants and slippery shoes.

But he knew my heart and showed me the last resort/choice we have!!


This machine is situated beside two other drink machines on the first floor of the main dorm. Since it is at the end of the hallway near the emergency exit, I never seen it before.

Oh, I wish we had this back in college dorms at USA ~~ I probably would have gained a couple more pounds just coming to visiting this machine every night and get some late night snacks.

So what is this and what do they have??? Thats look at their menu!

A vending machine that sells food!! Not only that, they are hot food, complete with a list of snacks that many young people cannot refuse. You want french fries, Bingo! You want hot dogs? They give you two at a time! Ohh, and if you miss octopus balls/takoyaki from the street stands, no worries, they got some here!

So you insert some coins, press the one you want.

After a minute or two, a box dropped from the machine. Open the plastic door and reach for the box (be careful don’t burn your hand!) Take it back to the room and open the box!!

Opening the box, the steam raised up to my face and made my glasses foggy. The smell of soy sauce and garlic excited my nose. The first thing I got was Yakisoba/ pan-friend noodles.

Unfortunately, since food portions in Japan are a bit tiny….so I had to run back and buy another box to satisfy my stomach. This time I got french fries and fried chicken!

Ahhh, I am still drooling when thinking back. The chicken was slightly spicy, but juicy and tender, the French fries were something I miss for a while since I have not had one after my arrival to Japan.

I want a vending machine like this in America!!! (sob sob)

Did you ever get amused by vending machines?