If you are still searching online for a restaurant to try in San Fransisco, then you are behind.

Behind what? Behind the the fashionable food trend in San Francisco my friend.A restaurant that sits there with the diverse menu like the encyclopedia is not awesome anymore. A “motor restaurant” that has four wheels, specialized dishes, and personality, is way cool ~

If you are still scratching your head, no worries, FootTracker will help you to get the most (food) experience out of your travel in San Francisco this summer!

Off the Grid Food Truck Festival was one of the first events I visited in San Francisco when I just started this blog. I actually had the nerve to write an email to the founder of the festival back then, and asked him for a quote (Read It Here). To this day I am still very thankful that Matt was willing to communicate with me, thus I been itching for another chance to come back and take better photos! (And now they are more variety of trucks too!)

(People visiting San Francisco this summer better not miss this!!)

Fort Mason with the Most Charming Golden Gate Bridge

Imagine 30 food trucks, all gathered at a parking lot surrounded by historical buildings, with Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz in the background!!! Only on Fridays in Fort Mason of San Francisco will you be able to enjoy the food, scenery, and beautiful weather all at the same time.

Off the Grid is definitely one event that I kept bringing friends and family back again and again when we have time! All the friends from Asia were amazed at the street food variety we have here in San Francisco, and all the local friends could not believe what we have right here in our backyard!

Off the Grid Food Truck Festival Every Friday at Fort Mason (5pm)

This time I also recruited a friend to come and enjoy the fun of eating with me. I told her to bring a very empty stomach, lots of cash, and food containers!

We started off ordering some food from a red truck decorated with a panda head called Chairman Bao.

Chairman Bao serves steamed bun with stir fried meat and veggies on top. The idea of that bun originated from cuisine in Asia (usually served with Peking duck), but they revolutionized the snack by adding specially seasoned meat and different variety of veggies that one would add to a traditional bun.

I was lucky to have the spicy chicken bun on the right ~ yummmm

Next we felt more adventurous than before, and ordered a very special sandwich! You may have heard of grilled cheese sandwich right? The soft, warm cheese enclosed by the toasted bread….Ohhh, that may be delicious already, but here the food trucks took it to another level.

3 Sum Eat food truck offered Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Peach and Pesto sauce in the inside!! I had my suspicion about this combo, because I never heard how good peach and cheese can be together…

After the first bite, I was surprised that fruits and cheese actually work pretty well together (reminds me on fondue for some reason)! 3-Sumer Eat food truck not only offer this interesting item, but also others like Mac n Cheese Spring Roll, and sometimes Philly Cheese Steak Pot-stickers.

We also got an empanada filled with seasoned corn. The simplicity of the concept and ingredients caught our heart.

Last but not least, I am selling my friend out! Here is my friend Beryl showing her affection for the yummy Caramel Cupcake we got at the food truck gathering! The best thing about the cupcakes sold here is how soft and moist the cake part can be ~

Are you hungry yet? Do you love street food?

Off the Grid in San Francisco happens on weekly basis at Fort Mason! 

Location: Fort Mason – 38 Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

Time: Every Friday, Starts at 5pm!

Website: http://offthegridsf.com/